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US Pressures G20 Into Dropping Climate Reference from Joint Statement


US Pressures G20 Into Dropping Climate Reference from Joint Statement

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Finance ministers for the Group of 20 (G20), which comprises the world's biggest economies, dropped a joint statement mentioning funding for the fight against climate change after pressure from the United States and Saudi Arabia.

A G20 official taking part in the annual meeting told Reuters that efforts by this year's German leadership to keep climate funding in the statement had hit a wall.


Earth will trump Trump. No matter how many tweets and decisions such as this, the rapid changes that have been set in motion will only accelerate. This is yet another opportunity lost that future historians will add to the list. This is also yet another sign of the real Trump compared to the candidate Trump that people voted for.


Assuming there are historians at the end of this road. After all, what is being done about Fukushima other than pretending it is not happening. Then again, isn't that the reality? Let's pretend the climate is just fine, let's pretend nuclear energy is safe and clean, let's pretend we can dominate the world militarily forever and the list just goes on and on.


There will be no "earth"...sure there will be a planet...but it will be dead...
It is dying already.....
This TRUMP is a MONSTER, his cronies are MONSTERS...
they have to be FOUGHT....we have to KEEP FIGHTING.

That is what FACISTS do....they move very fast, and they hit very hard....
so you don't know where you are coming or going ......
they want you to give up....
you hear that Orange Nut Job??? I attended Irish Stand in NYC on St. Pat's Day...
THERE WERE APPROXIMATELY 2000 people who attended...
we said you FACISTS with Irish surnames....don't speak for the true Irish....(like me,)....
we REAL Irish know about oppression and struggle...and IMMIGRATION>
and we are saying NO...HELL NO, to your LUNACY...!


"With this budget, Trump has made it clear that he is prioritizing Big Oil Profits, over the Health of the American People."

And, Mother Earth.


OR YOU WILL BE OUT OF YOUR OFFICE/ throughout the world we have to do this...
Andrea Mitchell was thrown out of the room after asking the so-called Secretary of State/
but really a frontman for Bannon/
don't you think putting anti-ballistic missles in So. China Sea/ is showing hostility to North Korea?
COWARD Tillerson ignored her.
and she was abruptly told : TO GET OUT!!! TO LEAVE...this was on just the other day..

this is what we have to do...SAY NO....or we are all DOOMED.

Bannon is noted for loving war and predicted (from what I have heard, which I believe)
a war in the South China seas in 5 to 10 years...


I cannot believe, that the rest of the world still keeps dancing to America's tune, especially now, that we are governed by this goofball.
The credit that the US built with Marshall plan and international leadership between 1945 and the 1960s has long been used up


I guess the US won't rest until it's on the wrong side of every issue.


Wow! Some good news; there's still some issues left it isn't on the wrong side of? Do tell.


Perfect! :slight_smile:


Now we see the power of US nuclear terrorism. No one wants to push too hard on a terrorist military empire with weapons of mass destruction.


The US led the world in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide from energy last year with a reduction of 3%. However, I would say the momentum has been blunted by some voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin who will probably be worse off economically for turning their blue states red. Climate change is a disaster and the election of Trump is a disaster which will surely speed up global warming. Hopefully the rest of the world and the citizens of the US who still live in reality will be able to minimize the damage from the election of Trump but climate climate funding is critical, Trump can do some serious damage when it comes to providing funding.


The corporations knew hillary wouldn't get TPP through so they went with trump, who will give them and their one world order more than they expected from TPP and a few more steps up.


Future generations should never forget the environmental terrorism that is being inflicted on the Earth by the current mis-administration. They should always be remembered as the earth-destroying criminals that they are.

Edit- This type of behavior in which climate change science is actively suppressed and denied is equivalent to the book burning committed by the Nazis. This US mis-administration might as well as throw all of the scientific papers and books on climate change into a huge pile in the middle of Wall Street and make a huge bonfire to warm their cold, ignorant souls.


The world will not be free of the US empire until it collapses from the inside, as most empires do.
It will do that, when the debt load crushes the Greenback, unless we can change the direction of our government. we need to do that by 2018/19.


Will there be enough civilization left to do any remembering?


I agree. The corps, wall street, military-industrial complex were not opposed to Trump and thought that they could control him if he became elected. This is based on the simple observation that Trump received the most amount of free media coverage of any candidate while anti-oligarchy candidates like Bernie were purposefully shunned. To the masters of war and money, either HRC or T-Dump were fine to them.


Probably not. And those who do survive will likely be more concerned about surviving than remembering the past. Who knows?


At the UN Climate Summit COP22 in Marrakech, after the Trump election, there was talk among nations of isolating the US if Trump tried to relinquish US responsibility for doing its share about climate change. Trump's budget shows he will not only not hold up US responsibility but will actively work to make climate change worse.

This would be a good time to make the G20 the G19 by kicking out the US.


It's not like there is more than one issue, though. It's not that they are picking and choosing which policies or regulations to reverse based on an arbitrary sense of meanness or personal disregard. They have a very specific agenda and they are following it to a T.

That issue is, unfettered, unrestricted, unregulated capitalism.

The intent is to recreate the Gilded Age of the 1880s. Anything that gets in the way is going to have to go.

It really is that simple, and, at this point, nothing anyone says or does in opposition-- marches, rallies, reasoned explanations to our elected "representatives", postcard drives, fist-clenching, throwing oneself on the floor and kicking and screamng, holding our breaths until we turn blue-- is going to change things.

So...it's the end of the world as we know it...(and I feel shitty).

Have a nice day.