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US Program To Save Child Refugees Has Welcomed This Many: Zero


US Program To Save Child Refugees Has Welcomed This Many: Zero

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A year after President Barack Obama launched a program to grant asylum to Central American children fleeing violence or seeking to reunite with family members, the statistics are in: not one child has made it to the U.S. through that initiative.


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Others may disagree, but I think we need to hear more concrete information about how we have contributed to the problem.


I was listening to a CBC radio program on child refugees in Europe. These children flee violence and poverty in places like Africa and the middle East without parents or guardians to look after them. Some are as young as 9 years old. There a number of Volunteer groups that try to thelp them but as their spokespeople outlined there are just as many trying to exploit them and it a race to get to them before people who wish to exploit them sexually or for child labor (read slave labor) do.

These organizations indicate that thousands of these children go "missing" in Europe each and every year and Governments offer little in the way of aid because the Governments tacitly support the groups that wish to exploit them.


As long as there is the continual spread of global imperialism (via the MIC) and capitalism, we will continue to see the overwhelming mass of refugees simply trying to:

  • Find a place to live where they can earn enough to live,
  • Find a place to live where they actually have a chance of living,
  • Find a place to live where they have at least a chance of not having to live their entire life in poverty,
  • Find a place to live where they are not being exploited and discarded as human refuge,
  • Find a place to live where they can raise a family,
  • Find a place to live in peace where there isn't the constant,
    never-ending presence of military conflict.

Are these refugees asking for too much? I don't think so. They are simply seeking the kind of life that most people enjoy in the U.S. and most European countries.

The lives of every one of the refugees has as much value of those in the U.S. and European countries that has/and is causing (through global imperialism and capitalism) the massive numbers of refugees.

Due the grace of fate, we were not born in -- and do not live in -- one of the targeted countries of imperialism. Otherwise, we could very well be one of the refugees seeking sanctuary.


Into whose pockets did the funding for this program go ?


Start with NAFTA . Continue with the School of the Americas in Fort Benning , Georgia , and the history of our many government and corporate-sponsored coups in Central and South America to install some of the most brutally repressive regimes ever . All in the name of anti-communism and for the benefit of Big Business . That will give you some idea of the how .




For a really incisive and focused reply not deadened by a dump truck load of too much detail.