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US Provides Cover for Use of Banned Cluster Bombs in Yemen


US Provides Cover for Use of Banned Cluster Bombs in Yemen

Thalif Deen, IPS News

UNITED NATIONS - The United States is providing a thinly-veiled cover virtually legitimizing the use of cluster bombs – banned by an international convention – by Saudi Arabia and its allies in their heavy fighting against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Asked if cluster bombs are legitimate weapons of war, “if used appropriately”, U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters: “If used appropriately, there are end-use regulations regarding the use of them. But yes, when used appropriately and according (to) those end-use rules, it’s permissible.”


Cluster bombs are nasty. The US dropped many in Cambodia where they have an industry in replacing arms and legs still being blown off today. Children are especially hurt by running around in areas where they lie under the dirt. What they are doing in Yemen are war crimes. Too bad the US does not realize they are also war criminals who need to get out of that business.


Cluster bombs are indiscriminate weapons that target many children who pick them up to play with and are then killed or their limbs blown off. The criminality and inhumanity of the US and Obama administration is an ongoing obscenity, an administration of death and support for death - a for-profit obscenity. war is more profitable apparently than peace…

In addition to “providing cover” for saudi war crimes, we also provide cover (and much else) to our “special ally”, Israel, that fired over a million cluster bombs into south Lebanon at the end of the last hostilities - the cluster bombs were fired AFTER a cease-fire deal was signed, clearly to punish, kill and maim - another criminal and inhumane state with contempt for the lives of all others. Many other indiscriminate weapons/munitions are used against civilian populations by israel; White Phosphorus, fletchet weapons and cluster munitions among others.


The US and contemptible Obama admn, and Israel, perfect war criminals together…neither has signed the international ban on cluster munitions. If the US continues to be lap-dog for the Israeli racist agenda and crimes against humanity, our honor (whatever is left of it) will be forever lost…



The US Fourth Reich and all of its evil Axis is just one big cluster-fuck. Civilians may die by the tens of thousands, but oh boy! Look at the score today!

  • It always disgusts me when the Reich ignores the world and goes on making, selling and using munitions banned by the rest of the world.
  • People are dying all over the world by cluster bomblets dropped years ago in long forgotten (except by the victims) wars.
  • Cluster bombs, White Phosphorus (aka Willie Peter) Napalm, you name it, the Reich has it and will sell or give it to any ruthless dictator who will use it against anybody who objects to the policies of the Reich, including their own people.


“When used appropriately”.

Conservatives are stupid, but sometimes funny.


I don’t think there is any question that US officials do not know and fully grasp the fact that US policies, particularly in the use and spread of deadly weapons backed by deadly ideologies, kill civilians around the world, no exception made for children. But they justify it, on one level or another. Part of this is due to a lack of vision, a lack of faith in the possibility that we actually can live in a world in which we need not kill or be killed, dominate or be dominated. Most of us recognize from our daily lives that the golden rule is not only nice but also effective: when we treat others the way we want to be treated, the results are good for everyone. But especially when the results of US crimes are kept far from the view of the US public, and when the public is systematically taught, through grade school and US culture, that US Americans are the center of the universe and worth more than others, then US support for or direct perpetration of killings of civilians and children continue.


I have never found stupid funny.


The hell with cluster bombs stop the war mongers and their mercenary class. I understand everyone owes an alligance to his king but they are still responsible for their own soul.


Paul Craig Roberts puts it this way: " Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on its actions. Washington is the exceptional, indispensable. No one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington’s will. In its claims Washington surpasses that of the Third Reich."


That’s funny


Hmmmmm. US called to the Hague for war crimes? Sounds good to me.


If one can say “collateral damage” without getting on one’s knees and projectile vomiting, they are a warmonger.


The spokesman was speaking for the Obama Administration State Department - are they to be considered “conservatives?”


So is “end use” a euphemism for “reducing humans into pink shreds and shard of bone”?


Jesus wept! Cluster bombs and phosphorous explosives, is there nothing obscene that the Americans won’t manufacture and export.

The Israelis have used both of these weapons as so have the Yanks. It’s just a short step to employ nukes of which the U.S. has many.

The downward spiral of the human race continues apace!


A good article.
Age of Imperial Wars.


1,200,000 Iraqis who had nothing to do with harming the US were killed in a pirate attack on Iraq.

Why would US and European war mongers who killed 1,200,000 innocent civilians in Iraq worry about the atrocities of a wealthy Saudi Arabian customer for their perverted weapons of mass destruction?


This article brings to mind lyrics from long ago:
“My country tis of thee, my people are dying.” Buffy Saint Marie.


Excellent reply. Thanks.


I would. You might prefer “neo-liberals”.