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US Punishes International Criminal Court for Investigating Potential War Crimes in Afghanistan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/02/us-punishes-international-criminal-court-investigating-potential-war-crimes

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The “arrogance.”

A known “War Criminal” claiming those investigating his war crimes, are themselves criminals.

I am sure future medical journals will refer to this a the "Donald Trump Delusion Syndrome."


Under International law a Country is obligated to prosecute citizens of their given state that commit war crimes. The reason the ICC was founded in fact was because many Countries refused to do this.

Just as Trump shelters war criminals with these actions, Barack Obama sheltered them during his won administration.

Indeed I can not think of a single US Administration that prosecuted war criminals outside the small number of cases where they went after individual soldiers. Those generally got a slap on the wrist.


Hi PonyBoy:
sigh: the irony. Cinton , Bush/Cheney, Obama and now Trump.The ones that evaded being in a war so often seem to start them. : (


From what I undwerstand if Trump is reelected Europe is going to move to contain the US- but then it looks like they have already started----All sanctions should on Venezuela should be lifted -dhildren are dying.

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Why did not the Democratic Party repeal what is known as The Hague Invasion Act of 2002 which authorizes military force against the ICC if it ever detains a US citizen or a citizen of one of its allies (eg Israel)

this “trump mis-administration” is/has become just like the “pigs in charge” in “The Animal Farm”, from working the Horse to death, the German Shepherd dogs as their police/security detail, their mantra of “Every animal is equal, but we are more equal than you”, etc etc. barr even looks like one of them, and, on top of that, the head animal(trump) is not only viscously stupid, but quite insane as well. We are all going to be totally fucked if this riff-raff scum cheat their way to an electoral win. Just some Thursday AM thoughts.

only criminals want to keep prosecutors from doing their job–just to point out -Trump is running cover for the last two presidents as his exposure to war crimes is minimal compared to the crimes committed by the previous administrations