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US Quest for Oil Exacerbates Global Thirst


US Quest for Oil Exacerbates Global Thirst

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In an ironic footnote to a devastating global cycle—wherein the burning of fossil fuels drives climate change, resulting in extreme new weather patterns that impact millions worldwide—a new study released Monday finds that United States' oil demand is depleting freshwater supplies in water-scarce regions across Asia and the Middle East.


Biofuels - other than those created from the waste of existing processes - were an insane idea. We cannot afford to use arable land to produce fuel; we need it for production of food. As the article states, growing crops to use as fuel depletes water resources. And, even if neither of those were issues, biofuels are burned, just like coal or oil or natural gas, contributing to global warming.

Biofuels - every bit as insane as nuclear.


Yes, he is so right.... I am really amazed? that anyone in our government is stating such a fact. I am, however, among those who believe that it is really, almost, probably, too late for us to do anything... Do I still want us to try?... Yes, but not in the way that is proposed .... I am pro renewables, if they are only used for necessities... and if they are distributed evenly... I think that pretty much ALL THE MONEY ... that the individuals in FF companies made, should be confiscated from each individual... and ALL THE MONEY CONFISCATED FROM FF COMANIES THEMSELVES, be distributed to everyone who cannot afford to buy a few solar panels for their homes/small business... and I mean, small business... and a law passed that anyone who makes over a certain amount, say 200,000 a year... should be absolutely required to purchase outright... their own solar....the government should take over the ff companies... and use very little ff's for a short time to make mutltudes of renewables... however, NO RENEWABLES CAN BE USED FOR SAY...PROFESSIONAL SPORTS STADIUMS... shut them down... none used for CASINOS... shut them down.... and on and on, with only hospitals and school/universities getting to use them... once we have placed them on necessary places... then, we make quite a few more... but, try to use them to make them..... so we get off using ff's to make them... but, well... doesn't this really get involved.... ?????
and we know that none of this will get done....
I Wish it would... because then, we could still have medical care and medicine... etc.... the way we are going now... will take forever to switch over TO THE POINT OF ACTUALLY REDUCIN C02 EMISSIONS.... SO, unless we pretty much almost shut down industrial society... except for medicine/health care.. we can kiss our *sses good bye.... I think that in the long run... people who think this transition to renewables is going to solve our problem are really just dreaming... because the energy still will not be used right... it is really late, I mean really late in the game and .... well, THE EARTH IS NOW SPEWING OUT HER OWN CO2 AND METHANE... so how can we reduce?... to make a difference... I mean, come on... when you have lost one of the biggest carbon sinks in the world.... THE AMAZAON RAINFOREST.... how do we think we can win..????


Drilling us dry


My last beef was in 1977....my last chicken was in 1980.... I do eat fish occasionally.... other than fish, I eat vegetarian... yes, I eat dairy. I have a limited budget, have a family and work..... So, my schedule gets messed up... always on the go... the dairy is mostly yogurt... with some cheese... .so, it 's hard to make sure I would get all my protein... Therefore the dairy.... which ... I don't get enough sometimes because of all that... So, your are wrong in thinking I am being a hypocrite... but, then again... any of us that are still tied to the current economic system and have not extricated ourselves completely, could be called that.... however, that being said, we all live with husbands, wives, kids and no man/woman is an Island... some times on these site I think most people are.


We need to desalinate seawater off nearest coast to all drought stricken areas with solar distillation and use desalinated water for all uses. Make all businesses and households able to afford it pay full cost of extracting water from sea and piping it to point of use. Subsidize ONLY low-income residential customers of water. As for fossil fuel, I favor greenhouse gas emissions tax. Use revenue from emissions tax to buy fossil fuel reserves as mineral rights from too big to fail fossil fuel firms to buy political feasibility for emissions tax.


Three types of feasibility: Technical, economic. and political. NEED all three to get anywhere. It is very much NOT POLITICALLY feasible to shut down any too big to fail firms against its will. I favor emissions tax with all revenue from emissions tax devoted to buying fossil fuel reserves as mineral rights from too big to fail fossil fuel firms to KEEP CARBON IN GROUND. Both tax and use of revenue to buy reserves as mineral rights will make fossil fuel more expensive to burn, thus making renewable energy more cost-competitive. Want to increase price of coal-fired electric power about 10% each year to have effective tax rate of 40% to 50% of price of coal-fired electric. Then keep that tax steady and add a tax on energy regardless of carbon content and gradually increase that until total effective tax rate is 70% on average to keep revenues up enough to keep buying fossil fuel reserves as mineral rights. If any revenue is left over, can use some for desalinating seawater, some for capture of CO2 from ambient air. (Technically feasible already--economically feasible needs a LOT more work, and CO2 capture is sort of public good that private enterprise will NOT PAY for.)


Okay, so... tax... who is that going to raise the price of energy on?.... There are some people, who cannot afford ANY raise in the price of energy... whether it be gas, fuel for heating... or because it raises the price of food... SO... is that tax going to be fed back to people under a certain income..??? So, they can afford to go to work, feed their families... and heat their homes.???? IF that is the case, then, well... I guess.. BUT ARE RICH PEOPLE GOING TO GIVE A CRAP IF THEY HAVE TO PAY A FEW MORE DOLLARS TO FLY THEIR JETS OR DRIVE THEIR BMW'S... ... or purchase their next new wardrobe... or redo their bathrooms again, this decade????? and forget the really rich... what about the upper middle class./???? I don't think it will affect them either... oh, they may give up a night out to dinner... here and their...
I really get sick of this attitude that we HAVE TO GET IT UP THE BUT because oh, dear, we can't take down corporations... NOT FEASIBLE?.... we haven't even really tried yet...Read Robert Burrows... I think he has come close to what we need to do... and this tax.... IS NOT GOING TO WORK FAST ENOUGH.... do you realize that there are some scientists that say we are already done..... that we have triggered runaway climate change? Even if we haven't, others say we are closer than the skin of our teeth... we may have only 10 years or less to reduce emissions like, to nothing... WHY IS IT PEOPLE DO NOT GET THIS?.


The POOR always get SHAFTED about everything. That is nothing new. Those who are really flat broke already and unable to get some sort of low-income energy assistance will simply drop dead--either starvation or exposure to temperature extremes. The rich almost surely already have stock in fossil fuel firms and will come out way ahead. They ALWAYS DO! And the rich will merely have fewer poor around to look down their noses at.


To make this work faster--maybe we need to go directly to tax on energy regardless of carbon footprint and divide spending among bailing out the poor (preferable by giving electric utilities money to write off overdue electric bills owed by low-income residential customers, buying fossil fuel reserves as mineral rights, and capturing CO2 from ambient air and storing it long term.
Probably you are right, our goose is already cooked, but we will feel better about it if we go down fighting even a losing battle.