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US Quietly Abandons Troop Reduction Plans in Afghanistan


US Quietly Abandons Troop Reduction Plans in Afghanistan

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Obama administration is dropping its plans to reduce the amount of U.S. forces in Afghanistan to 5,500 by the end of the year, significantly altering the timeline which officials had said would see troops largely withdraw from the country by 2016, according to reports.

In fact, officials say, the administration could allow up to 9,800 American troops to remain in Afghanistan well into next year's "fighting season."


There is no racket better than the war racket where the American people have no participation in military power. The arbitrary and capricious actions by the Amerikan Fourth Reich will never end. The latest agreement is suppose to be until 2024. And of course, that agreement will be abandoned if the need arises.


Pipelinestan still needs 'murca’s help.


Commenter prairiedog actually makes a good point. Since the U.S. established its presence in Afghanistan – which from all reports mainly consists of guarding the corrupt local regime in the Kabul area and a handful of other locations – opium production has soared. Many of us are starting to wonder if this is a coincidence. Consider that most U.S. foreign policy in the past half century or so is suspiciously linked to major drug trafficking routes and individuals who could affect those routes. Consider Latin America – coup after coup, almost always installing a regime that is reported to be heavily involved in drug trafficking. Noriega was America’s favorite dictator there until he crossed the U.S. – about something – and had to go because he suddenly was an “evil dictator.” Etc., etc. Consider Asia – Numerous reports of the CIA;s heavy involvement in opium smuggling, especially in South Vietnam, with drugs rumored to be a major sideline of South Vietnamese generals. And on and on. Now it’s the Mideast and Central Asia, with opium from Afghanistan fueling heroin trafficking into the U.S., Europe and Russia – countless billions on dollars in profits at stake. And now the U.S. has unexplainably extended an Afghan occupation that obviously accomplishes nothing except to waste billions of tax dollars. Well, there is one accomplishment – the Afghan opium business is booming.


Making the Military Industrial Complex richer.


A 5% transaction tax should be placed on wall street to pay for the wars.


Every intervention by the Americans and their puppet allies in Europe have been disasters. Invade Iraq and turn the country over to religious fanatics, overthrow the government of Libya leaving the country in total chaos with religious fanatics in control of much of the country, encourage the civil war in Syria creating a horrific humanitarian disaster and after so many years in Afghanistan they can’t leave because they have failed completely to change the political and social culture of that country which means when they do leave the Taliban will be back in power. The world’s most violent country is also the dumbest.


Again we see the dynamics of the corrupt in power at work.

When they initially announced those troops withdrawals, no expense was spared at getting that message “out to the people”. That policy change was announced over and over again so as to get that war weary public on board under the premises the sacrifices of wealth and blood worth it and now coming to an end.

Yet when they reverse course there nary a peep.

They noisily proclaim an end to war while quietly pursuing it. In short when they open their mouths to say something they in fact mean the very opposite.

They are the Lords Of The Lies.


Actually, it’s precisely because US interests do have control of those fields that a military presence will remain … forever.


As with many other US bases around the world - particularly that in Okinawa - a US presence forever in Afghanistan is of paramount importance for the long term geopolitical objectives of US militarism and corporatism. Arguably, Afghanistan is the most crucial US base of them all.

Anybody who didn’t see this coming - a continued US military in Afghanistan - just isn’t reading between the lines.


Right On, Truthissubversive, See: “The Politics of Heroin” by Alfred McCoy. Creepily, you will see, thoroughly documented, many of the same characters that would appear in Iran Contra where drugs were flown into, and arms were flown out of, a small airport in Mena, Arkansas in Billl’s back yard. I wonder what that was all about?


So true, and it is becoming totally humiliating.


War, Drugs, Oil, Chaos, thats what we have become masters of. Before Siouxrose takes me to task for the we: I can name names like The Deep State, The Powers That Be, The One Percent, ECT, but they are us, until we can find a way to get our politicians to be more responsive. My mildest thought is something like a vast Truth and Reconciliation Commission where nationally our dirty laundry is aired out. That however seems impossible with our current politics.


Business as usual…


Opium is the primary funder of the clandestine CIA banking system. They are a rogue organization.


You are foundationally correct. Our founders said We The People. And we are responsible for not rising up enmass, and ending our MIC serial criminality.


Surprise!!! What possible sense could joining the dysfunctional armed forces have for anybody? All they are is expendable cannon fodder for a branch of corporate muscle making the world safe for multi-national corporate businesses.


No we have complete control. America is flooded now. OxyContin built the appetite and Afghanistans production is steady. Russia had the same problem while they controled the trade.