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US Reviewing Support for Saudis After Brutal Massacre, But Will Arms Sales Stop?


US Reviewing Support for Saudis After Brutal Massacre, But Will Arms Sales Stop?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The United States, which is supplying arms and other assistance to Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen, has "initiated an immediate review" of its support for the kingdom in the wake of airstrikes on Saturday that reportedly killed at least 140 people and wounded hundreds more.


This bombing was a mistake?
Look at the picture of the building that was bombed.
This was no more a mistake on the part of the Saudis then was the killing of 65 Syrian soldiers by the US coalition which ended the ceasefire several weeks ago in Syria.
Both of these bombings were calculated to slaughter as many people as possible for political reasons.

Obama is a war criminal.


So much for your "legacy", Obama. How will history remember you? The way you made your bed, so sleep restlessly in it.


USA- All (99.999%) of us live within a country ruled by a rogue government that is out of control and unaccountable to its populace. Our tax dollars are taken from us and used in ways uncontrollable by us, yet we who are Americans will be the ones blamed by our Government's actions in the world. Would you as an american feel safe walking the streets unguarded in a Middle-eastern country?...not I.... These things will not change in the near future....just imagine a country figure-headed by Trump or Clinton. This country is most exceptional.....it is too bad that we did not take the high road in days gone by.....It will be unfortunate when things balance out in the near future as the people of this land will bear the brunt of our rogue government's actions and the inactions of its ruled.


Americans have as much control over their junta as Saudi peasants.


The old saying that a person is known by the friends he keeps, also applies to countries. Saudi Arabia is a close friend ( even Bush the lessor held hands with them!) and nothing but a proxy for the U.S. The fact that Saudi Arabia, one of the most brutal and repressive, dictatorships in the world, is our close friend and ally, should cause you to ask why?


Basta! Time to ban guns at home and abroad. Time to dismantle the US Empire that interferes in every corner of the globe. Push for total non cooperation to stop the machine!


The fact that neither party shows the slightest interest in breaking off relations with this brutal, criminal regime, which was probably involved in the worst single terrorist attack of all time, says everything you need to know about the moral and legal legitimacy of the US. We are a rogue nation, but like the banks, we are seen as "too big to fail." The price of all this? Who knows, but it's bound to be large.


We need gun control alright; military gun control that is!


Yeah, for most progressives it is a simple answer!


In a word, despicable.


Amerika is just as much a military dictatorship as Saudi Arabia, the only difference, is Amerika pretends to be a democracy! And what more proof does one need than one of the two insane war mongers that will be elected next month for POTUS!


"...despite this summer's attacks on a hospital, a school, and a snack food factory, the U.S. was "not conducting a single investigation into civilian casualties in Yemen.

"The U.S. has resisted previous attempts to hold its ally—or itself—accountable for the civilian slaughter in Yemen."

In addition to the billions of dollars in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the Clinton Foundation accepts millions from them in the name of philanthropy - what hypocrisy! They are all vile war profiteering criminals.


Them with the gold make the rules...and has all the guns. Greater economic equality obviates the need for gun bans and other laws imposed by oligarchy.

If it's not direct, it's not democracy


They knew this was a funeral for a Houthi minister and that many high-ranking Houthis would be there. It's the equivalent of a U.S: drone attack on targets approved by the POTUS every Tuesday, only more spectacular.


Will the arms sales stop? Nah, the terrorist that attacked America on 9/11 are still in business .... armed by America's tax payers via the idiots that were formerly known as Congress of the United States.


If what you're saying is that the military and the CIA will do whatever they want to do irrespective of what the president wants, or does not want them to do, then why bother electing a president in the first place?
And if that is the case then Obama has been impotent from day one and he has done nothing about anything.

By the way we are at war in Syria, so that part of your argument is crap.
And nobody wanted to go to war with Iran except the Zionists, so that was a straw man you invented out of whole cloth for whatever reason.
As far as my racism goes, you should probably visit a health professional and find out why those voices in your own head keep get louder and louder.


Yet Americans will vote for more war. There are three choices, gamble with your vote, (Trump), vote for war, (Hillary), or vote for peace, (Stein). There is still time for U.S. voters to reject this insanity.


Funny thing: Democrats ADORED Cindy Sheehan as she stood against the war in the middle east when Bush was in office. Three days after taking office, Obama launched his first drone strike. True to principle, Sheehan protest against Obama too ... and the Dems promptly told her to shut up.


While I am dead set against assisting Saudi Arabia in the carnage, they are inflicting on the people of Yemen, the US has absolutely no moral authority to "review" the atrocities of another nation, after murdering civilians every day with their drone war and bombing hospitals of Medicines Sans Frontiers and the same one at least twice.
Once might be claimed to be "a mistake" but to hit it a second time is premeditated murder, plain and simple.