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US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait Launch 'Ludicrous' Effort to 'Sabotage' Support for Key UN Climate Study

US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait Launch 'Ludicrous' Effort to 'Sabotage' Support for Key UN Climate Study

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The COP24 talks in Katowice, Poland have led to a "diplomatic standoff" that has world leaders, climate activists, and experts alarmed as four "oil allies"—the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait—have banded together to "water down" worldwide support for a landmark United Nations climate study released in October.


The fossil fuel corporate troll farm will try to sabotage this comments forum in a few minutes, claiming to be several actual people. I’ll ignore them.

Engineering is a matter of looking for full or partial solutions to problems, looking at the engineering side-effects of each solution, then looking in turn for the solutions to the side effects. Here’s an example:

We face a mass extinction and we also face a great human starvation in the next few decades, well within our great-grandchildrens’ lifetimes. We can’t eat in front of our great-grandchildren at the dinner table in peace, knowing the hunger that we’re setting them up for.

One solution is to implement the inventions that we already have, but a better solution is to keep re-inventing the big solutions that we’re going to need, in winter heating, in nighttime electricity supply, in transit and in preventing/inhibiting the Arctic meltdown.

Problem: our market economy system doesn’t reward inventors who do these things. In fact the inventors go hungry until they turn away and do something more useless.

One solution to this subproblem: Maybe the “market economy” model is silly in the face of mass human starvation.

So, how do we, the living, not the jerks, solve this subproblem?

One way is to put the government in charge. When the army wants a weapon they don’t try to hallucinate it into existence, instead they open a lab to design it. The problem with our own current federal government is, it’s crazy as a loon (actually loons aren’t particularly crazy birds).

Another way is to start a private philanthropy. The March of Dimes took actual children’s dimes and funded a vaccine for polio in the 1940s and 1950s. This system avoids crazy governments entirely.


More musings from the ministry of Truth.
The saddest part of this whole sordid affair is that still, despite the evidence, almost half of the American public doesn’t believe that the earth is warming up. Of course, three quarters of the American public still believe in angels, so it’s really no that far of a stretch.


At any one time it’s said 10,000 airliners above pierce skies,
exotic vacation escapades, temporary extravagances rental cars hotels,
lovely tree-lined preserved habitats so unlike left behind smaug and VMT havoc.
Oh and self-driving EVs? Yeah, that’s BS lies, fraud,
strategic ruse, market manipulation, uh huh.
GM is done. Ford ain’t far behind.
Chrysler Pacifica!


The USGS recently announced a massive find of Oil and Gas reserves that can be exploited using new technologies in the Texas Oklahoma area. This is literally 10s of billions of barrels of oil they claim as recoverable. There no way the 1 percent will ever allow the Government to pass laws that keep that stuff in the ground.

It will be sold to the public as “high paying Jobs” created when this stuff extracted and refined.


They’ve been getting a lot or rain in the middle east of late. Perhaps, Allah willing, a continuous month long heatwave of 50 + Celsius and the air conditioning failing, might persuade these Arabs of what the future of climate denial holds. But then they’ll simply buy a large chunk of the Russian arctic and set up camp leaving the rest of their countryman to die.

The White House is currently disrupting clean energy inventors and suppressing public knowledge of innovations. When people are aware of solutions they are more likely to focus on the problem.

Climate chaos is caused by ignorance and completely unnecessary.


At least I have left no children to answer to for the coming calamity and intense climate disruption due to global warming. Hopefully some see the errors of these destructive ways that threaten human extermination in time to help matters. As of yet they’ve had 50 years to start and nothing hardly at all has been enacted to help matters since Nixon in the early 70’s. There doesn’t need to be any extra technology than already exists, just the will to rein in emissions and human populations. Of course industrial capitalism is dependent on always expanding. Not possible on a finite Earth. It’s time to fish or cut bait as they say. fishing with available means is preferable to the alternative. There are no magic bullets or skyhooks other than what we already have and the will to do what’s needed to survive.


Private philanthropy will have a role but the high cost of transition to a carbon-neutral or free economy will need to be borne by deep-pocketed governments.

“Building a zero-carbon economy will of course require massive investment in power production and transmission, new industrial plants, and more efficient equipment. To achieve the 1.5°C objective, the IPCC estimates that the required additional global investment, from 2015 to 2050, could be $900 billion per annum.”


Ignorance rules! That is why the economy always ranks much higher as a concern to Americans than the environment. Until the programming changes, people will always value earth system-damaging jobs over protecting the planet.


The other nations at COP24 should make it crystal clear to the US et al. that they can either act in a constructive fashion in line with the goals of the COP or they can LEAVE.

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Throw in china and we have a list of the five countries who should have to foot the entire climate recovery cost alone in the thousands of trillions of dollars over ten years, who by the way should have absolutely no say in how its spent. Every US politician who even knew about this or was in any way involved should go on a political blacklist, along with every campaign contributor for boycott worldwide It’s time the whole world acknowledged the obvious fact that the fate of the world and its civilizations means less to these sociopaths than it does to ISIS or Al Qaeda, who comparatively are about as threatening as Mary Poppins.


Its all about sucking.

Sucking the oil from the earth, the blood from the poor, the resources from the people, the life on land and sea, etc.

Vampires and suckers.

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Thanks for the link to the article. Unfortunately, its way of thinking, presupposes a continuation of our current lifestyle, but with a switch to low-carbon, renewable energy sources.

A more accurate assessment would point out that the entire consumer society needs to be curtailed due to the other serious outcomes that occur when the planet continues to be plundered and corporations continue to turn everything into tasteless and dangerous commercial and military products. The convergence of so many human endeavors, with existential outcomes, e.g.,nuclear weapons, AGI, GMOs, UAVs, biological weapons, bioengineering, massive surveillance, habitat destruction, means a multi-front approach is required. Is it possible?


On one hand, we have the future of the world.

On the other, we have very rich Oil Barrons and the politicians that have bought that enable them to suppress more sustainable methods of energy generation.

It would seem we must either cut the correct hand off, or, our own throats.


Corbett sez: “Last year, President Donald Trump revealed his intention to withdraw from the Paris agreement, provoking immediate condemnation across the United States and the rest of the world. Within a few months of that announcement, all other countries had signed on to the accord, leaving the U.S. as the sole nation opposed to it.”

Is the U.S. opposed, or is it just the “president?” Can anyone share a link to a congressional debate or vote on this withdrawal?

There are many problems that we have that there are market solutions is mere illusions. Climate change is just one of them that is presented that the private sector can solve left to their own devices. Esp. since all those problems were created by that same private market.
As long as the US clings to the idea that corporations can save us, we are doomed.


Next you will be telling me santa doesn’t exist. At least let me hold onto the great pumpkin.

We keep getting proof, but it doesn’t matter. Too many refuse to accept any evidence for how it harms us.

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Last week, Trump made a flippant remark that revealed what the oligarchy really thinks. In a meeting with his budget cronies they attempted to explain what the enormouse national debt could mean to America in the near future. His response? “Why should I care, I’ll be long gone before the shit really hits the fan.”
And that’s how the worlds wealthy feel about global warming. They have no concern for the future, no respect for the past. All they care about is here and now, and how much money they can make today. And no, it’s not denial. It’s not psychosis. It’s plain and simple sociopathy. And they want all of us to act the same way.
Mission accomplished