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US-Russia Tensions Rise as Rex Tillerson Talks of "Low Point" in Nations' Relations

US-Russia Tensions Rise as Rex Tillerson Talks of "Low Point" in Nations' Relations

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that relations between the U.S. and Russia had hit "a low point," while Russia vetoed a western-backed United Nations resolution that would have forced the Syrian government to comply with an investigation into the recent alleged chemical attack.

Keep in mind every time the US government lies about Russia they are lying straight to the Russians faces, so why should the Russian government believe anything the US government claims. The US government has been caught out lying, again and again and again, imagine what that plays out like in the countries that were the target of those lies.
The US government plays games and the hate for the US government grows for the countries that are the target of those games, which has reached the ludicrous point of being every single country in the world and that includes the US being targets of lies of the US government and now you have a government that is hated by the majority of people in the entire world, including it’s own population.

In T-Rex’s mind, the “low point” is due to the sanctions placed on Russia by the U.S. and/or to any failed business transactions conducted by Exxon/Mobil in foreign countries. What does a cosseted, billionaire, sociopath that only worked in the confines of double-dealing, conniving world of the fossil fuel industry worldwide? He, his fellow cabinet crooks and their diabolical demagogue-in-chief know little-to-nothing about foreign relations (beyond brokering business deals), international diplomacy, geopolitical complexities, and the delicate balance struck among all nations through dedication and hard work. They are only in it for what they (and their individual corporate “former” employers) can personally gain from their positions…nothing else.

I sure hope that people here have been reading the articles about Carter Page, Paul Manafort and Russia. CD seems to have made the editorial decision that collusion to corrupt the process in the US isn’t newsworthy. More’s the pity. But there are a LOT of other sites out there covering it, and, as always, follow Andrea Chalupa on Twitter to easily stay abreast of the scandal.

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And Russia opposes an international investigation of what did happen because…?

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Does anyone know why Assad is sooooo important! To Russia and to the US interests?


Makes sense! Thank you for reply.