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US Saber Rattling Continues With Plans to Beef Up Troops in Eastern Europe


US Saber Rattling Continues With Plans to Beef Up Troops in Eastern Europe

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. military officials announced Wednesday plans to beef up numbers of American troops and equipment in Eastern Europe to counter what the Pentagon described as "an aggressive Russia."

It comes just weeks after Russia's foreign minister warned that NATO's military build-up near Russia's borders is "counterproductive and dangerous," and that the military alliance's members "are whipping up 'Russia's threat' myth."


Russian aggression? Where?

The USA is run by F-35wits.

Now that the extreme-right lunatics of the Azov Brigade in the Ukraine is holding torchlight parades iin uniform and with assorted flags and banners, aka the Nazis in the 1930s, and demanding parliametary representation, is Russia going to be faced once more with a Nazi government on its on its border? Thank you USA; look what happened last time this occurred. Colonel Custer’s ghost is riding high in Washington.


To date I have not seen much aggression from Russia. Sure it agreed to take back the Crimea when the citizens of that area voted to be a part of Russia again. However that was in response to an illegal coup created and supported by the US to provoke Russia. The only aggression was American not Russian. If Poland and the Baltic States truly want the treaty between them and Russia to be considered null and void then I would suggest that they have porridge for brains. They would be in deep trouble if Russia were actually aggressive and belligerent. Thank goodness it isn’t. So far the West has been completely condescending to Russia and treated it as a pariah. It was agreed between the US and Russia that NATO would not move Eastward after Germany was reunited but, as usual, America’s word isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Now NATO is touching Russia’s borders and the US wishing to provoke trouble, is basing missiles right on those borders. Now which nation did you say was aggressive? I suggest you look closely at the current situation before you mouth off with stupid statements like that!


This is not surprising because the ME war profiteering is going to be reduced so the Western endless war mongers need to have another conflict on the burner ready to go.
This time they are dealing with a bee that has a stinger as big as their own.
Poland is still playing Dumb Polack and in any big conflict will be the first to be obliterated by Russia.
Obama has become just as unreliable with what he says as the republican chicken hawks.
The only aggressor in the world since butcher Bush set the ME on fire has been the U.S. for pure war profiteering.


Very good comment and very truthful!!


The U.S. has broken every treaty and agreement it has made since the end of WWII.


The neocon virus is affecting the mental health of our politicians. They see that their world of lies and crime are coming to an end. Like Jonestown this neocon cult of hate and violence is coming to an end.


Whatever happened to the concept of spheres of influence? But when the Soviet Union moved a nuclear missile into Cuba, the United States had apoplexy. What hypocrisy!!


These are the new spheres of influence. They were agreed at Malta in 1988. Different than the ones from Yalta 1945. Location names are similar.


“Gen. Philip Breedlove stated.”???

Man, you just can’t make this shit up. It’s right out of the movie “Dr. Strangelove”.

In real life, a “General Strangelove” character says, “Hit em’ now and hit em’ hard, Mr. President. Now, I’m not saying we won’t get our hair mussed. But with a first nuclear strike our casualties won’t be that bad; ten million tops!”

Or something like that…

Well, looks like I was way off… Haven’t seen that flick in 30 years.

Where the hell is a sane President Peter Sellers when you need him?


It feels sometimes that we are caught in a 1950s black and white Hollywood movie with commies and fascists.


NATO = A Clear and Present Danger To The World and Humanity.