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US Says No Money for Social Programs, But '$700 Billion to Kill People? Yeah That We Have'


US Says No Money for Social Programs, But '$700 Billion to Kill People? Yeah That We Have'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Where were the pundits and elected lawmakers who complain about the cost of providing healthcare to all Americans when the Senate voted to spend $700 billion on the military?


War and weapons. America’s number one export.


Who will decide where your money will go, you or sold out Senators?

Blockchain Democracy


No contradiction nor historical documentation dents the powerful bulwark of corrupted American politics.
Contradiction used to undermine and dispose of false arguments. History used to awaken enough people to ensure the damage did not continue. Not now.
Normalized deviance rules.


I’d personally rather fight and die in the streets, than give one more tax dollar to the war machine.


Just caught Morning Joe 10th year anniversary show. All the big brains agree on much Americans trust and respect the military more than any other institution. Didn’t I hear this in Argentina in the 70s?


Depravity with utter lack of a functional moral compass or any notions of the Common Good from BOTH parties and their boot-licking lackey status to the Military Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC), as Eisenhower first named it.

The DINO Dem sellout scum are snout-deep in the trough of “defense” spending and perpetual for-profit war - lap-dogs to empire - our ostensible civilian republic now a de facto military dictatorship via the MICC, just as Prez/General Eisenhower warned against!

The Dem machine politicians (functionally ALL of them) are THE major contributor to this evil madness as they tout their “goodness” and “progressive” credentials - yeah, they care about people…all rubbish BS of the most contemptible sort!

Scum of the Earth all the sycophants to war and mass killings while the people and Mother Earth go begging!


Notice all the Democrat war, and death machines cheerleaders Warren, Franken, Feinstein, etc. for the 2018 NDAA. Also, did ya notice 94 more F-35 Jets approved to be built ( that F-35 Jet program, complete disaster of a program on every level, and death machine to boot, and Warren, Franken, and all the rest know it all very well). So in the moment of truth, the duopoly Republicans/ Democrats showed ya their true colors.


That’s not all of it! According to the Center for Defense Information @ POGO, the US spends $1.1 Trillion annually if all military related (NOT “Defense”!) spending is included! That’s more than the next seven highest military spending countries combined!

We are so screwed and we’re screwing the rest of the world. Then there’s the completely unhinged Mad Man at the UN. Geez!


I’m with ya! We don’t need government representatives any more, especially ones that represent the ruling class. Technology allows is to vote directly on issues. Who is it around here who’s always pushing for direct democracy? Damn skippy!


Gee, but I am constantly hearing from those die-hard Demo Party supporters in these comments how there are huge differences between D’s and R’s, and that we MUST continue to support and vote D, because 'Murica!

No, there are not any differences - not any that really substantively matter. And more and more people are catching on to this blatant fact. D/R - same shit. The people are getting sick of it.


We must increase pressure on the government to cut back drastically our military spending most of which is just wasted. The congress acts as if the military is our sacred cow and approves pentagon budget without scrutiny

We have millions of our youth lost to boredom, unemployment, drugs and mental illness. I see more and more young men and lately women pan handling on street corners. These people have no health insurance, no food or a safe clean place to call home.

Meanwhile towns and cities spend millions of dollars on posh modern office buildings for city halls, police departments and even fire department. It seems some people are in a rush to make it to the top at any cost. Our cities, towns and states have no money for the homeless or much of anything else but the bureaucrats and politicians somehow manage to enrich themselves by passing the costs to rate payers and the working people.

Since there is no telling what the future holds some people feel it’s now or never, better ensure my future and to hell with everyone else. No sense of security exists for anyone in this country. Things get churned up time and again to increase profits for the few endlessly creating harsher environment for others to eek out a decent living.


Incessant war propaganda, soldiers as heroes, national anthem before every game, creating enemies, it never ends. And the reason for the acceptance of all this …the 911 false flag that will never be revealed. Much like the coup d’etat of '63. CIA, aka criminals in action, has media stooges in every facet of the culture. Abetted by the zionist rags, NYT, Wash Post etc the sheeple will always be in the dark. God bless America indeed ! Very sad.


America in many ways does not care about the homeless; although, the homeless use to be you, America. I met a white man at a shelter in Atlanta who’s story was he was a medical doctor who was eaten up by a crack cocaine addiction, lost it all. A loss of relationships, family, friends, illness, job out sourced, the list goes on, and on how people end up on the street ( 80,000 currently sleep on the streets of Los Angeles County every night, mom, dad , kids, 80,000 homeless counted just in LA County). There are consequences for $700 billion spendnt to kill people. Just take a walk at the crack of dawn in any American city. Please help if you can with kind words, smiles, buy some coffee, breakfast, just be kind, and good. After all the homeless, and I do not like that word homeless because it is a pejorative term to many, so how about (living outside) for now.


The Nays in this vote should be remembered, just as the the Democrats who voted for it.

Voted against:
Corker (R-TN)
Gillibrand (D-NY)
Leahy (D-VT)
Lee (R-UT)
Merkley (D-OR)
Paul (R-KY)
Sanders (I-VT)
Wyden (D-OR)

Warren voted for it along with the rest of the mainline Dems. Her progressive label wears thin, here.


“Normalized deviance rules”. What a great phrase! That covers it all!
It should be chiseled into the stone at the entrance to the Capitol.


Once again the faux “progressive” wing of the Duopoly nakedly exposes itself for the criminal war-mongering bloody entity that it is, including Ellen Warren. Only 9 Dem nos against this abomination of a Permanent War Mass-Murder bill. Hell, three of the votes against were rethugs.


Another good term: Internally displaced refugees. Refugees from the war on the working poor.


" The Senate voted to spend $700 billion on the military?

What more proof does one need to see what I have been saying for many, many years: the US is, and has been, a military dictatorship while claiming to be democracy, that has been for far too long supported by both war parties in Congress. Further proof? It would make this post too long, but if anyone believes that the military’s foreign policies are to protect the average American, please contact me because I have bridge in Alaska for sale!


Well said. " The sheeple will always be in the dark." Nevertheless, nice to see a non-sheeple!