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US Says Russia 'Accidentally' Bombed American-Backed Syrian Troops


US Says Russia 'Accidentally' Bombed American-Backed Syrian Troops

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Russian and Syrian forces "accidentally" bombed U.S.-backed troops in Syria on Tuesday, killing some Syrian soldiers, a top U.S. general said Wednesday.

A joint operation targeting Islamic State (ISIS) militants near the village of al-Bab sent missiles at Syrian coalition troops instead, according to Army Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend.


With all the lies coming out of the Deep State about Russia being involved in all things bad, I'll have to go with the Russian explanation on this.


Then you should be on the next Aeroflot to Sochi to meet with his highness at his palace....


B-b-but isn't the US engaged in an imperialist war against the Syrians led by the brave freedom-fighting man-of-the-Syrian people Bashar Assad, and supported by that great defender of democracy Vladimir Putin? Even Glen Greenwald and Jill Stein say so!


Vanessa Beeley has something to say about the US-backed "rebels" ...


This means you back a centralized US corporate dictatorship deciding in back rooms what is right for every country on Earth?


Version one:

Russian and Syrian forces "accidentally" bombed U.S.-backed fighters in Syria on Tuesday, killing some Syrian rebels, a top U.S. general said Wednesday.

Alternate facts:

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), consisting of mostliy of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), have seized over 60 villages and killed 172 ISIS members in eastern Syria, ARANews reported citing a spokesman for the SDF.

CD says in news release quote Da General that Russian and Syrian forces bombed and killed some Syrian rebels. southfront and most other news outlets call the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) Kurds units of YPG. YPG are on the terrorist watch list. So CD allows US general to lie in news story making story fake news. Soon to be gobbled up and discussed as real.

Obama had to back off when the chemical attack in Syria was proved to done by terrorists and Assad gave up all bio weapons. There is no declaration of war on Syria. Why is the US backing anyone and arming anybody else to fight in Syria? Backdoor sleaze? Not to mention the fact that after 9/11 we are now using our tax money to fund terrorists. You know the folks that cut off heads, who like gang rape as justice, who teach their wives and children to blow themselves up to kill others. Yes you good folks are sending arms and ammo and love and kisses to these wonderful people half the world away.

The sad part is that CD and the general are throwing out chum hoping to catch suckers.


Conspiracy...Deep State...ooooooooooh.


If intentionally bombing a Doctors Without Borders hospital is not a scandal (which is sadly true), I'm assuming great world powers can get away with bombing pretty much anything they want near or south of the Tropic of Cancer.


And Tulsi Gabbard!


Did you see that Sessions, who brought in Carter Page, lied under oath about talking with Russia? For people with nothing to hide, they sure are doing a lot of lying.


Nothing Russia does is an accident. While we are on the topic, Russia recently held joint military exercises with China and they have 1/3 again more nuke war heads than we have and the Chinese have the largest standing army on the globe. The Chinese could lose ten troops to our one and still win. Guess what they are not involved in any conflict in the Middle east. None of their warriors are being wasted needlessly and the are gobbling up the east and Africa and buying up the US at an alarming rate. When Trump says infra structure with public and private funds are foreign countries allowed to buy up our highway system for example? Apparently. They already have. Where does the toll profit go?


U.S. forces on the ground less than three miles from the site reportedly observed the strike and alerted the Russian military through an emergency line, after which the bombing stopped, he continued.

US military communications certainly work well when the USA is not bombing non-combatant hospitals.


Yup, forgot about her...


Leftists for Ron Paul...and Trump.


Garrett_Connelly :

I can vouch, through experience of personal correspondence on these boards, that whoever this person is, who types under the name of Seatower, is not interested in the truth, about matters involving the Forces working against us, but seems to have a lot of time to spend on these threads without taking the time to respond honestly, or at all (in my case) when shown documentation to the contrary of one of his inaccurate assertions.


The headline is incorrect as it was American-backed Syrian insurgents that were hit and not Assads troops.


This is just more of the war party's ramping up of anti-Russian, anti-Syrian propaganda (like the recent Oscar given to the propaganda "documentary" on the fake White Helmets), to dovetail with the current military push (see post by diveshopingoa, above). I'm sorry to see CD serve as one of its many mouthpieces.


Came here to say essentially the same thing.

If the USA can, um, hide behind the claim that 1) the targeted bombing the MSF and other hospitals as accidental; 2) killing 62 Syrian troops in Deir al-Zour; 3) firing a shell at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad; 4) the dozens and dozens of wedding parties, funerals, kids playing soccer, and last but not least the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, were all accidents, then noblesse oblige dictates that they give Russia a pass on this one, no?.


My son recently began a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. Except for excerpts reprinted elsewhere I never paid much attention to that publication, as I am not that interested in following the "popular' culture that closely. The latest issue (Feb-March, 2017) carried an article titled "The Anarchists vs. ISIS" and contains some enlightening information about the morass that has been created in Syria, and sheds some light on those forces mentioned by diveshopingoa.

I note that the same issue also contained a one-page article titled "What the People Really Want" that purported to show how popular attitudes are not aligned with the Trump/GOP agenda. It would have taken analysis of quite a few polling surveys to state what was stated there, but not a single survey, poll, or analysis was cited by the author. Though I very much wanted to believe the truth of what the article claimed I had to e-mail RS to tell them that without citations and references that article was virtually useless, and at worst suspect. No response from RS.