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US Seeks Maximum—If Paltry—Sentence for 'Cold-Blooded' Coal CEO



It fascinates me that corporate crime and sex offenders get the same 'lengthy' sentencing. I guess the spirit of the law shows through once again.


You don't serve much time if your are being a good capitalist.


In his defense the reduced fine is still larger than the accounting impact on the corporate books by the accumulated value of every human life laboring to create the wealth that appears on the P&L. A Master of Business Administration learns to manage by objectives, and human values are nowhere to be found in any of the quantitative analyses that matter.


Much the same happened in Canada after the Westray mining disaster. 26 miners were killed and regulators and inspectors determined the explosion happned because of mismanagement and neglect and the attempt to maximize profits at the expense of safety.

Criminal charges were dropped as the Crown felt it would be too expensive to pursue and they would be unlikely to get a conviction. A more likely reason was not they were "unlikely" but that they were "unwilling".


How about this: sentence him to one year of hard labor for every person who died (29) in the Upper Big Branch mine disaster? Or, give him 29 months working at hospitals, caring for the terminally ill-people dying from "Black Lung" disease, and the like. Plus, make him pay : $29 million a piece (although I know the money does not replace those lost) to the surviving families of those brave souls that died. I know it'll never happen, it just seems like the thing to do to that heartless son of a bitch.


US Industrial terrorism is a minor offense even when it kills 20 loyal employees! Ask Obama, what is justice for terrorists again?


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So it will cost the taxpayers the same amount as the fine to house him in a prison for a year. And then there's the cost of the trial. Basically he's paying for his own living expenses, and the taxpayers are left on the hook for the trail costs, while a massive injustice is left to fester. Why bother if this is the best that can be expected? It certainly explains the lack of white collar crime prosecutions.

If justice is so elusive, then maybe this money would have been better spent memorializing those miners in bronze as a constant reminder of their lives and as a permanent symbol of Blankenship's crimes.


If it were me I'd weld the key into the lock of his cell door.


Sounds like pedophiles to me, phkn the parents to phk the kids. This scum isn't worth the energy to spit at. A bunch of concrete, just below the ankles and......a flood would be timely.