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US Senator Bob Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges


US Senator Bob Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges

Jon Queally, staff writer

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) was indicted on multiple charges Wednesday related to accusations of corruption and misuse of power.

The allegations stem from a close relationship between Menendez and one of his longtime friends and political supporters, Dr. Salomon Melgen, who was also charged.

According to the Associated Press:


Ol’ Bob didn’t toe a line somewhere. I wonder which of his wretched constituencies he managed to piss off.

There is one little edit I would make to one of Benjamin’s quoted remarks.

Facing scrutiny and possible accountability “on ethics violation would be fitting for the senator,” wrote Benjamin.

It should read “Facing scrutiny and possible accountability ‘on ethics violation would be fitting for the Senate,’ wrote Benjamin.”



Although I have been upset with Sen Menendez neoliberal positions on War or collusion with Healthcare insurers instead of Single-payer, it seems curious to me that the small-time corruption of support and gifts from one Doctor should be prosecuted. Meanwhile in New Jersey we have the outright corruption in the billions of dollars of Gov Christie who despite bad publicity is destroying our State in outright corruption for huge Corporations and the Kochs. For example, Exxon-Mobil gives $750,000 to the Republican Governors Fund while Christie was its head and in return gets a totally corrupt sweetheart deal from Christie pre-empting a Judge to pay only $250 Million of an $8 Billion cleanup. Or the billions in outright tax credits Christie has provided major Corporations like Honeywell, Panasonic, etc every one of which has the law firm of David Samson, of the Port Authority/ Bridgegate scandal making money. Smalltime pecadillos are prosecuted while the huge heists go unpunished and unprosecuted…


What a surprise. “New Jersey Officeholder Indicted for Corruption”. They can just keep recycling that headline over and over. I’m waiting for Governor Lard Ass to join him soon, PLEASE! I so want to see him doing the Orange is the New Black thing.

Maybe, whoever replaces Menendez will quit fighting normalization of relations with Cuba, and ignore the old fart refugees from there. That would be a positive outcome from all of this.


The downfall of a senator representing Nazionist Israel is a good thing for all of humanity.


How sad, Karen, that you have bought into the Neocons’ propaganda.


Sounds like someone that has been brainwashed by Fox News.


U.S. Senator Bob Menendez must have stepped on the wrong toes! He is no more corrupt than 99% of his fellow Senators. The headline to be truthful, could read: MAJORITY OF U.S. SENATE INDICTED ON CORRUPTION CHARGES.


:laughing: :laughing:


again a tempest in a teapot and being revisited. boring!! there is so much corruption within the halls of congress i’d be afraid to walk down the halls due to the slime. imagine 29 states are on the verge of making vaccines, such as Gardasil, a mandatory vaccine. this is criminal and merck needs to be stopped as well as all the congressman and senators who get paid by merck the murderer. when will accountability in that cesspool D.C. ever be recognized by so called activists. check autism linked to MMR vaccines and get on it.


Now that would be a true reason to celebrate! :smiling_imp: