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US Shootings: Gun Industry Killing More People Overseas

US Shootings: Gun Industry Killing More People Overseas

Tamara Pearson

I live next door to the world's biggest gun manufacturer. Here in Mexico, the murder rates are close to civil war levels. They broke records last year, for a total of 41,217 homicides, with 25,339 first degree murders over the course of the year. And those are the official figures – which if anything, tend to under report reality.

Tamara Pearson: I suggest you and the rest of us Common Screamers stop Zeig Heiling Our War Of Terror for Subsidizing Piping Gas and Oil to India and China…read King’s Breaking The Silence…get yer argument down…and take action.

While faux news and other mainstream media continue to sensationalize immigrants and drugs heading north across the border they ignore the fact that concurrent with declining human and drug movements northward during the past decade, the flow of automatic weapons (illegal in Mexico) south across the border has experienced a corresponding exponential increase.

The more successful US arms manufacturers are at spreading more and more automatic weapons around the world the more asylum seekers there will.

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