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US Should Join French and Civil Society in Initiative to Solve Global Warming with Regenerative Farming Plan


US Should Join French and Civil Society in Initiative to Solve Global Warming with Regenerative Farming Plan

Katherine Paul, Ronnie Cummins

France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the U.K., Germany and Mexico are among the more than two dozen countries that have so far signed on to what one day will likely be recognized as the most significant climate initiative in history.


Nothing like growing hemp for regenerating soils. This weed needs no chemicals and little water and will give us clothes, paper, hemp boards, nutritious seeds, medicine and recreation. The original Ford motorcar was made of hemp as was the first American flag, sails and more. It is a travesty that ignorance keeps hemp illegal, the plant that George Washington and other forefathers grew and urged us all to grow.


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Hemp, yes, and harvest the water hyacinth that removes the toxins from rivers, regain the metals and minerals, use deep water re circulation to recover valuable sea trench topsoil dumps, plant groves of trees to the horizon and give people the right to manage and profit from them, its all in the fine print my friends. Where turbines are collectively owned, nobody gets mysteriously sick from the infra-sound. Its only when their neighbors take all the income and don't share that problems arise. So much to do, start now, like an ant, one grain at a time.


Applause for the resolution, and I am glad to see the article and CD's interest therein.

Of course the US is not a party because its ag biz drives the problem, not despite that. Let's dispense with politeness that is clearly untruthful. '

Many things are to change. May we not hope that some few might change for the better? This recognition of the primacy of soils is a good thing.

Applause and thanks for the solutions listed here, in the posts, and I will be back for others that I expect will gather. I would like to list permaculture among those and, to my thinking, spanning them.

Permaculture is a fine craft of design guided by ethics and informed by science, which serves us to understand how we may fit these techniques into working systems and solutions.

There are now far too many links and too much diversity to provide a link or two and pass them off as representative or for the following list to not omit excellent people doing excellent work. Google, the word, of course, but also Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, and perhaps also some events and people doing work that qualifies but without necessarily using the name: Masanobu Fukuoka, Sepp Holzer, filmmaker John Liu and his Lessons of the Loess Plateau.

I am aware that I may partly be skew to topic here, but also that I have left out a great many exceptional and relevant sources.