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US Should Stop Making (and Selling) Cowards' Bombs


US Should Stop Making (and Selling) Cowards' Bombs

César Chelala

The continuous use of cluster bombs -many of them manufactured by the US- in several conflicts around the world, shows a disregard for human rights and tarnishes the image of those countries that make, sell, and use them. Because of the high number of civilians who are frequently their victims—including children who unknowingly pick them up—they should more appropriately be called “Cowards’ bombs”.


Many prophecies speak of pending extinction or climate change events of such great magnitude as to wipe out a substantial portion of both the human and animal population pools. Heck, at the rate the corporate predators are going, the seas will be devoid of marine life in a decade.

The Hopis speak of 5 prior destruction of worlds or massive extinction phases.

Should human beings emerge into a “6th world” let us hope that none will be so depraved as to invent weapons like this; and if they have such ideas, that they find themselves shamed or marginalized by the tribe/group/clan.

To wrap one’s mind around just how diabolical these weapons are, and that someone actually came up with this idea; and that this idea was funded; and that so-called “civilized” nations quickly got onboard to stock up and too often… use them. Well, it demonstrates breathtaking levels of depravity.

This was the cause the beautiful Princess Dianna began fighting, and she made enough noise to be heard. She had the right moral vision until a genuine accident, or those who found her problematic tossed her out of this world.


BRAVO César for putting Cluster Munitions in the spotlight! 118 states have signed the ban on CM, but neither the US or Israel. The manufacture and sale of weapons of death as a business leads directly to their use!

Cluster munitions are indiscriminate, killing any who pick them up, especially children who are drawn to the “toy-like” onjects. In Lebanon during the last 3 days of the Israeli attack after a cease-fire had been signed, Israeli forces fired over a million cluster bombs into south Lebanon - an depraved act clearly designed to punish, maim and kill!
Indiscriminate and banned weapons were also used by Israeli forces in attacks on Gaza, one of the most densely populated areas on earth, including White Phosphorus, fletchet weapons, armor-piercing bombs, and DIME munitions.




It is truly shocking that the US government condones such devices that maime and murder countless innocent civilians and children for so many years past and into the future. Especially while proclaiming to everyone things like equal rights and more.
Disgusting I feel, but powerless to the ways of all those who are in charge.

How can anyone feel good about this?