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US Slammed As 'Heinous Gangsters' After Trump Labels North Korea as Terror Sponsor


US Slammed As 'Heinous Gangsters' After Trump Labels North Korea as Terror Sponsor

Julia Conley, staff writer

Pyongyang called its addition to the United States' list of state sponsors of terrorism a "serious provocation"


I find it hard to believe that a nation, the U.S., one that that carries out terrorism by drones and other means and that is using its military might to starve the peoples of Yemen and is involved in warfare in so many nations (at least seven), gets to ‘call out’ others as sponsors of terrorism… No nation sponsors terrorism more than the U.S. does.


“Heinous Gangsters” pretty much sums up American Foreign Policy since 1776.
Unfortunately these Heinous Gangsters also operate domestically as well.


"I was a gangster for capitalism."
USMC Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler, “War is a Racket”


“We must #StopArmingTerrorists and stop the hypocrisy in our foreign policy” (Tulsi Gabbard).

As all three others have already said, arming “terrorists” is the least of our sins in that realm.


The US government is what it has always been – an invader of lands, a destroyer
of people – and wasn’t Korea an active and official opening of the Cold War?
Just coincidentally … ?


Looks to me like Trump will keep on antagonizing North Korea until they are provoked into some kind of retaliation. It is evident to me that our lunatic president wants a war with North Korea!


" No nation sponsors terrorism more than the US does."

True, but unfortunately, many of the average Americans that I know are so brainwashed with American exceptionalism with terms like: " we are bringing them ( fill in the country) freedom and democracy; he ( fill in the name) is a brutal dictator; thank you for your service ( to the war racket) ad nauseum! That they have no clue that Amerika really is the worlds #1 sponsor of world wide terrorism. Reminds me of what it must have been like in the 1930’s in Nazi Germany.


In the same way that those dark clouds and falling water droplets ‘make it look like’ it’s raining?

Breaking and bending rules to suit it’s own purposes is the US’ M.O., Mr.Usborne.


I’ve long believed that the atomic bombing of Nagasaki was the first shot fired in the Cold War. Reasonable people might disagree over the military necessity of the destruction of Hiroshima, but Nagasaki’s value as a target was nil. As a warning to our ostensible ally the Soviet Union, however—and as a test of a new weapon design—it made perfect sense.


See today’s article about the impending joint US/ROK military exercises. I think our lunatic president wants a distraction—ANY distraction will do—from the ongoing revelations of his incompetence, corruption and mendacity.


Guild –

Likely you are correct.

Highest military leaders – like Eisenhower and others – didn’t see a military
necessity for dropping atomic bombs on Japan. Many others also opposed
the idea.


It seems the U.S. has been “Heinous Gangsters” for some 241 years. Welcome to the nightmare.