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US Slammed as 'Rogue State' for Withdrawing From Global Effort to Make Tech Giants Pay Fair Share in Taxes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/18/us-slammed-rogue-state-withdrawing-global-effort-make-tech-giants-pay-fair-share


It was not that long ago in human history, that persons deemed repeatedly injurious to their state or country would be temporarily or permanently sent away.


In a globalized economy there is no away. So far it amounts to legislative treason or just another day cause it doesn’t affect everyone equally. Sort of like pollution, it just changes form.

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More than ever before – with the crooked Trump administration, the fascist Supreme Court, McConnell’s GOP Senate, and the neoliberal DNC as “opposition” – the looting class has their hands on all levers of power in the USA.

In their gleeful greed orgy, they will surely push beyond all reason, leaving the broken ecology and the impoverished masses only revulsion and resistance as options.


The O’Jays nailed it in the 70s
For the Love of Money


It seems damn clear Web, they, and I mean the trump regime foremost, the entire Republicon Party, and most of the private corporate club DINO party, especially the entrenched “leadership” - a ship of complicit fools betraying the populace to serve wealth, power, and exploitation-usury - the “looting class” - none will ever stop serving wealth and the trickle-down into their personal pockets, they will never alter course from total corruption, theft and serving the 1%.

" Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable ." - JFK, 1962


That may be so, but if the will is there, it could happen.


The US has always been a rogue state. From not adopting the Gregorian calendar when everyone else did, to failure to use the metric system, to never adhering to international law or submitting to the authority of the world court, to failure to accept the Paris accords and all other crucial climate agreements, to support of other rogue nations like Israel who violates every international law in the book hourly with impunity. Of course the US is a rogue state, ever since the first settler arrived.


The elite establishment has the rest of the Congress members wrapped around their little fingers, so much so that they must obey or fear for their own jobs.

This Duopoly form of government is inherently destined to corrupt anyone who becomes a part of it.

We, as citizens of this land ruled by these corporate serving drones owe it to ourselves and future generations to fight this minority rule to the end.

Break from your addiction to these corrupt political parties, leave your servitude to the Rouge State and gain some self-respect and humanity.

Tear down this government of the elites, by the elites, and for the elites. Bring it down and make sure it never again threatens the freedom and equality we deserve.


Just your typical, especially Trumpian, foreign policy — “Sold!” to the high bidder.

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It’s not just Trump or even Trump & GOP.
See @webwalk comment earlier in this thread



Certainly explains Zuckerberg’s continued defense of Trump. To mangle an old saying:. If you are to reason why…just follow the money.


Hence my characterization as “typical “.

I’m with you on your sentiments, however, the US didn’t even exist as such, when Britain, and therefore its colonies, adopted the Gregorian Calendar in 1752, twenty four years before the Declaration of Independence.


There is that Gertrude Stein pome: " A rose is a rose is a rose…"

America now has one too: A rogue is a rogue is a rogue state!

Thank you Emphyrio! I was looking for JFK’s quote. Now I have it and I will write it down somewhere so I can find it when I need it.
And you are spot on on the rest of what you said. There are some dems on the fringes of that party who are good to great. The only republicon worth a damn has left the party: Justin Amash.

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The biggest conspiracy of this entire pandemic that we are dealing with is the upward movement of money and wealth in this country. It is not being called out by the media but by a few who have the courage to do so. So goes the money in this country - so goes the power they think.
Hope we see enough people power to overcome.


Thank you BlackKnigh, and welcome to CD; your voice will be appreciated.

Its true what you say but it completely misses the point; the US didn’t exist when Columbus’ men were cleaving the arms off of passing Indians to see if their swords were sharp; The US didn’t exist when the slavers started hauling slaves in out of Africa, but all of this is still US history, this is who we are, where we come from, and how we have always been, this is our foundation. We have always been Rogues, even before we were a rogue state. The very suggestion that if we do certain wrong things now we will become a rogue state, is also suggesting we have not committed these countless atrocities in the past, that up until now we were just… that is clearly not the case.


All true, but “we” as a nation or even as a collection of colonies had no input to or responsibly for adopting the Gregorian Calendar, so it shouldn’t be used as a premise for proving all of your points or the point of the commenter to whom I was responding. Doing so offers contrarians a hook for arguments which are logical fallacies but which may be persuasive to those who don’t see the fallacy. In that sense, I didn’t miss the point, I made it.

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