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US Special Forces in Syria Are Obama's Latest Broken Foreign Policy Promise


US Special Forces in Syria Are Obama's Latest Broken Foreign Policy Promise

Trevor Timm

he Obama administration announced on Friday it will send US special forces into Syria, breaking its repeated vow that Barack Obama would not send ground troops into the war-torn country. This is the latest in a series of U-turns and broken promises that further cements our Forever War and sets a disturbing precedent for whoever becomes the next US president in 2016.


Many have argued that Obama was a victim of circumstances?
Sounds like Obama is still getting people like Trevor Timm to drink his Kool-aid.

You have to give the murdering, devil his due because after all these years he is still conning so many otherwise well meaning and intelligent people.


To the contrary, Mr. Timm is accurately surmising that the scene has been set for yet another "Unitary Executive" to declare "war at his pleasure" without the approval of congress or consent of the American people; and that is incredibly dangerous.

As many politically savvy posters correctly note, neither party has done anything to curtail the Bush precedent for unleashing wars on capricious charges. And since too many think a mild-mannered type like Obama can be better trusted than a frothing-at-the-mouth xenophobe like Trump... imagine their "shock and awe" when that same war-making fury is unleashed on the next con's watch.


Not just a Bush precedent. Every US war since WWII has been launched on capricious charges.


Also quite a few before WWII according to Gen. Smedley Butler.


All politicians lie. Bernie is the notable exception.


Boots on the ground in Syria, the Pentagon comes to the rescue of Isis.



Don't bert your reputation on that comment natureboy!


I was thinking the same thing reading the article. The author also believes that Obama's war legacy will be a plus compared to other war mongers coming on the scene. What stupidity.


Washington DC think is similar to academic economics. It has a theory of the world that fits a propaganda model yet has less than zero correlation with reality.

China, Iran and Russia have become allies that govern from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean and through Moscow to Syria. The US threatens with a pincer operation from the Pacific and just outside Moscow in Ukraine. If the Asia to Europe continental alliance studies the errors of Genghis Khan's empire and is patient in the middle east, western imperialism will spend itself into oblivion and nuclear conflict will be avoided.

Pointy brain pentagonals manage US civilian morale by shutting down real democracy, real economics and real news. US citizens are in the dark and distributed intelligence has little to work with. The US empire has succumbed to deficit spending madness for eternal war just as every military government in all world history has done. Will a people's electoral revolution save the US from pentagonal lunacy in time? Quien sabe.


A president or any true leader, should, as the wise counsel, alter thinking and plans as circumstances or information change - making "promises" on the future implies a never-changing world or corrupt politics, clearly in this day and age it is corruption and subversion of our republic by morally depraved people, with our president as current mouthpiece for the MICC.

That said, this nations war-machine and profiteers dominate the dialogue to secure a compliant and uninformed populace that will accept any lie, phony rationale, fabricated "incident", or broken "promise" of the day - whatever is needed to keep the pot of war and profits and promotions for Pentagon brass boiling - the status-quo of for-profit wars. We helped create Daesh destroying Iraq, and much/most of the other horrors in the ME & NA through our MICC, arrogance, political corruption, and subservience to Israeli/Zionist hegemony and criminal occupation/expansionism.......and the beat goes on.....


People who equate one politician with all others are just as, or more, blinded to problems and potentials than those they criticize without offering any alternatives. One politician lied his way into the WH and bamboozled millions with promises of "change we can believe-in" only to betray all those who believed for a while - not all were mindless robots/believers, and most realized they had been had right quick.

Here we are again with another cycle of the political carney/revival-tent false prophets and candidates that pontificate and promise and lie, but what are we to do to at least try to alter our servitude to corporate, banker/financial parasites, the MICC warmongers and political/Mammon's corruption of our republic? Some criticize but offer nothing except cynical nay-saying - issues don't matter, candidates are all the same, and the same as ever-was – a broken record of the same nay-saying story absent any path forward - no alternative.

Then there is candidate Sanders who some equate with all the rest, and a person would be a fool to expect one person can change the status quo, but Sanders is vocalizing many issues that affect us all, he informs many who are un-informed, even if he focuses on domestic issues and not so much on bringing down the MICC and endless war.

So what can a people do? Go about their personal business and lives and give-up, or try, try again? Cynicism has its place, I have enough to go around for many, but failure to offer any alternatives or positive analysis is its own form of corruption or collusion with the status-quo.

I would be a lot more open to such one-size-fits-all criticism if there were some option offered beside the criticism other than none at all and all people/politicians viewed through the same jaundiced eyes.........or perhaps doubt is the agenda.

"The longest journey begins with but a single step" - Lao Tzu


Good point.


I'm betting on his long record of progressive action.