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US Spy Agencies Leak Intel to News Outlets, But Won't Brief Electors?


US Spy Agencies Leak Intel to News Outlets, But Won't Brief Electors?

Jon Queally, staff writer

Amid a nationwide protest effort aimed at convincing members of the Electoral College to reject Donald Trump and serious concerns about alleged interference in the U.S. election by Russia's government, a new poll out Sunday reveals majority support for delaying Monday's scheduled vote until electors are given an official intelligence briefing on the matter.


US Spy Agencies Leak to News Outlets, But Won't Brief Electors

Fixed the title for you
US Spy Agencies Leak Fake News to Outlets, But Won't Brief Electors


The US dark-side along with Putin both support Trump, their useful idiot. When the first useful idiot, Reagan, movie star, was President the dark-side already had their war in Vietnam, but also murdered, put dictators in place and trained military to keep them there all over South of the US border. Bush the idiot son was the front man. He and Cheney are war criminals leaving the US very carefully. Trump is the TV star with a 6 minute attention span. Next to him have been Manafort and General Flynn who are Putin "minders", but Trump also has been protected by corporate media, fake news (FOX etc) and 24/7 2 years of daily uncritical free coverage while daily bashing and lying about Clinton.
They probably will loot the US of oil with Exxon as an example. Exxon ignores the carnage to people and prefers a Dictator running the nation. Look at the Exxon looting of Chad. Trump Generals want to bomb Iran and Iran is getting ready for them. China is enraged by Trump who only cares about his business in Taiwan and around the world.
Dangerous times ahead. Plan to take shelter.


If these demonstrated lying spook alphabet agencies do not provide actual evidence for public/expert independent, non-partisan analysis, all the charges are just speculation, deception, cover-up of a potential inside leak, not hacking! Doesn't America, electors, everyone deserve the truth? We CAN handle the truth and demand it!

These charges are far too important to allow unnamed "investigators" and unsubstantiated allegations to be eagerly lapped-up and disseminated to a highly malleable public by a corrupt and partisan press/media without evidence and identified analysts!

There were NO WMD's in Iraq! Governments and politicians and spook agencies lie for a living ad cannot be believed solely on trust! Right, "trust us" - never again!


Such are the effects of the war on critical thinking.


Will the Electoral College members do their jobs or simply be a rubber stamp?

A good sign for the former is if they agreed to not hold a vote until they have been briefed on alleged Russian hacking and other efforts that affected the elections and vote.


Exactly jo6pac. Remember, there are "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq.

Just to mention one of the many many lies our government has made to go to war. Not to mention all the other lies for other reasons on no reason.


I agree-one more country that did not attack the US as a whole with no regard for modern times, and the people in their nation. Also, the US has a "habit" of trying to limit the "bad guys" from having a nuclear bomb- meanwhile we have the biggest stockpile , and we have been attacking nations around the world in the name of "democracy." I once heard one of these fools on CSPAN say that the US should have regime change in Cuba- like go attack Cuba- what did they do to us?


Of course-war is profit- it's also, death, sickness, destruction unemployment- you name it. Then we criticize other nations for defending themselves. Not the US where I grew up.


Wonder how much money they'll be paid off?


Yes, independent analysis- but where do we get that these days?


There is something odd about this whole story. The poll was commissioned by Avazz, an outfit that has supported the war in Syria (which features the US supporting Al Nusra, aka Al Sham, aka Al Quaeda) and supports a no fly zone there-a sure path to confrontation with Russia. This Avazz group also supported US involvement in Lybia which is now a failed state so we can see how that worked out. This group seems like its another one of the many groups who straddle the neolib/neocon nexus and are itching for a war with Russia and Syria and the imposition of the USian economic staightjacket on all other countries. Don't forget that oil pipeline the House of Saud ($25 million to the Clinton Foundation) wants to put through Syria. Apparently the Russians have put the brakes on that plan so now getting the the propagandized populace on board is paramount to the neolib/neocon success in putting Russia in their place. Iran may be the ultimate big prize but really, it's Russia that is the biggest prize.

So bring on the anonymous intelligence talking heads, and bring on unsubstantiated evidence from agencies whose employees are trained to lie. I know we are just supposed to believe.


I agree with everything that you said mealouts. Not the US I grew up in either. "We must believe, were on the eve of destruction."


U.S. Spy Agencies.....WHOA STOP RIGHT THERE!

U. S. SPY AGENCIES LIKE THE CIA, ARE TRAINED HOW TO LIE! And if I know anything; I know this: we cannot believe anything they volunteer to tell us; they have lied so much in the past that we cannot believe what they want us to believe, even if true!


Good luck with that, there's about a million legal immigrants coming to the US every year, plus a whole lot of illegal ones. I guess none of them got your memo.


Their job IS to be a rubber stamp of the vote in each of their states.

Or should they go back to the way the original elitists designed the college to avoid the vote of the people before the Jeffersonians changed things in the Republican Revolution of 1798 and 1800 so they instead became part of a democratic system.


9 dem electors and a republican with a personal agenda requested a briefing, about 2% of the 538. Looks like the rest planning respect the will of their respective states' voters and cast their vote for the winner.



Yes. Plus I'd like to know what these people who wish to subvert democracy and undo an election believe it means when these anonymous CIA people assert Russia hacked us? I suspect a lot think it must mean the Russians actually messed with the counting of the votes and so the results of the election are not accurate instead of what they really are asserting: that the release of the DNC emails by Wikileaks, which shows that the DNC, Clinton, and the Media were in cahoots to deny Sanders a fair shot at the nomination and shows that Clinton had a public position and her real private one, was due to Russia hacking the emails not a leak.

I can't believe that all the hysteria of the people upset about this is really based on their understanding exactly what is being asserted, that weeks before the election accurate information was given to the voters and Russia was behind that and so they want to toss out the electoral college rubber stamping state elections.

"Don't vote for the candidate who won your state and which is why you are part of the college because the voters had more truth than we wish they had!"


FYI - http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/310316-over-50-dem-electors-sign-letter-calling-for-intelligence-briefing

More accurately, looks like others plan to respect the will of their respective states' voters based on such a flawed voting process we actually don't know who won a number of states.

Here's another interesting tidbit. http://www.alternet.org/new-video-watch-wisconsin-election-officials-reject-hand-counts-after-electronic-scanners-make-big

This is not to mention what a laugh to say that insertion of the electoral college in the process has any thing to do with democracy and the will of the voters.