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US Still Can't Escape Calls for War Crimes Investigation into Its Bombing of MSF Hospital


US Still Can't Escape Calls for War Crimes Investigation into Its Bombing of MSF Hospital

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new United Nations report reveals a grim state of affairs for civilians in Afghanistan—a record level of civilian casualties for the first half of the year—and also renews the call for an independent investigation into whether the United States committed war crimes in bombing a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital in Kunduz.


Interesting this story shows up right in the middle of one of the big corruption events in US history showing corruption from the DNC on up to Obama's meals with the rich for donations to the party. Just to show you the UN is really not interested and would like this to disappear.


So, does anyone know of any lawyer anywhere who is initiating legal action on this matter? Spread the word, so that this community can support his/her efforts. And if there is none--why?


This was a direct assault on a civilian facility and known to be a hospital. Also during attack someone at the facility was on the radio trying to get the attack, which lasted about 30 minutes stopped. The pleas weren't heeded. This is a war crime but as usual nobody will be held accountable.


I don't think it would make any difference. I've seen very little critical reporting from the US MSM about accusations of US war crimes in Afghanistan or elsewhere. But then, acknowledging that would involve the next step of acknowledging Israeli war crimes against Palestinians.

Spread the word on these atrocities . . . they're sickening and the US government needs to be held accountable for them.


Do they care?... Nope!


People are still being killed in Laos from unexploded bombs. Around 20 000 Laotians may have died since 1975 as a result of such bombs which were dropped by the USA on a country that offered no threat to the USA and was neutral.

People in Vietnam still suffer from Agent Orange, sprayed over 1/5th of the country to defoliate the trees, by the USA.

Anyone for some more war crimes, United Nations?

Oh; hospitals. Didn't the USA's terror bombing of Hanoi of civilian facilities (and civilians) hit Bach Mai Hospital at least once and possibly three times?

I was once asked by a Vietnamese nurse, who was 16 years old during the 12-days Christmas bombing attack on Hanoi, why the USA did it. All I could reply was that the USA was run by stupid and ignorant people. It seemed to suffice as an answer.


It is my understanding that the military held a meeting with hospital personnel a day or two before the attack, insisting that the hospital was treating or hiding a person the military badly wanted. The hospital insisted that they had no such person. Result? The military targeted the hospital on purpose knowing exactly what it was doing and making sure that the Doctors Without Borders facility got the message loud and clear. THere was no confusion or mistake. They knew they could get away with it. Kudos to Doctors Without Borders for pursuing this and trying to get justice for patients and hospital personnel who were outright murdered. The casualties of war are tragic enough but using them as an excuse to show who's boss is pure evil.


A generation of young people born into America's war on their country is coming of age in Afghanistan. Let's say you're a young person who finds Dad dead in his hospital bed with his eyes melted away and his skin burned off, and your religion tells you that killing infidels is a sure ticket to paradise. I predict there will be no shortage of terrorists for Wall Street's vampires to kill for fun and profit.