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US Still Seeks Jail for ‘Fighter’ Captured at 15 in Afghanistan


US Still Seeks Jail for ‘Fighter’ Captured at 15 in Afghanistan

Dave Lindorff

The good news is that an appellate judge in Canada has had the courage and good sense to uphold the release from jail on bail of Omar Khadr, a native of Canada who was captured as a child soldier at the age of 15 in Afghanistan by US forces back in 2002 and shipped off to Guantanamo, where he became one of the children held in captivity.


Not really a fan of the Khadr family, the Canadian taxpayer still footing the bill for one of their Al Quaida sons. Suddenly when he was injured in fighting he was a Canadian again, ready to get some free healthcare.

That being said, the young Khadr was a soldier in a war fighting other soldiers so i do not see why he has to stand in front of a tribunal.


Well good for you, I guess. We are lucky to live in a free country where we have the right not to like the government and brag about it without being picked up and beaten with a sandbag in some hidden dungeon.

Furthermore, looking at the Khadr family, we can even go to a foreign country speak against our country, fight it and one of its allies, then come back and get free healthcare when things don’t go so well for us.


Good article, Mr. Lindorff. The D.C. tradition for the past several administrations has been one of protecting other murders-in-chief while using medieval methods to extract false confessions from those needed by today’s corporate-church-state circus to serve as Necessary Enemies.


Your right wing conservative bona fides (and/or prejudice for Calvinism) are showing.


Don’t worry, Lamonte7. Bill C 51 will make sure that you can be jailed for 5 years right at home in Canada for criticising the government, and also ensures other “modifications” of our current judicial system to bring it more in line with some of our allies in their dealings with dissent and resistance. People won’t have to go abroad to be disappeared or tortured, especially if habeas corpus is also scrapped in Canada.

And it’s not only a project of our Fuhrer. By voting for this draconian new legislation, the Liberal Party of Canada is ensuring that Harper doesn’t stand alone and appear too dictatorial.


Excellent article Mr. Lindorff.
The major point that is often missed, including by the commenters here, is the utter contempt that the US national security elite has for international law - or any law at all for that matter.
For them, the “rule of law” is a very bad joke, and they should be challenged every time they so cynically invoke it.


The thing that Mr.Khadr needs to fear right now is that the Harper government will turn a blind eye as Slick Oily sends a CIA or FBI grab team up to Canada to snatch Mr. Khadr back to the land of the drone and the home of the cowardly remote controlled assassins, to be disappeared into our Super Max or Communication Management Units, never to be heard from again , just as the Bush and Obama administrations have done to former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman!


Oh, and those, i suppose, are filled with US and Canadian citizens that oppose the current government?


" The utter contempt that the US national security state has for international law-or any law for that matter."

" Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on its actions."


Actually neither am I.


“No decency in the White House”? Correct but the Prime Minister’s Office is just as immoral, indecent and unethical.