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US 'Stumbled Into Torture,' Says NYT Reporter


US 'Stumbled Into Torture,' Says NYT Reporter

Adam Johnson

As part of a promotion for the upcoming “Look, Evil Russians!” film Red Sparrow (hyping Hollywood films is apparently a thing reporters do now), New York Times national security reporter Scott Shane (2/14/18) wrote a synergistic Cold War 2.0 essay about the CIA’s alleged attempt to recruit him. It included a rather jarring—if not risible—paragraph summarizing Shane’s years of reporting:


Forget the media. This type of “we can do no wrong” goes right back to the Declaration of Independence and the words of Thomas Jefferson. In that document he declares as one of the grievances of the Colonists against the crown was that the crown was refusing to defend them against the savage trepidations of the Indians.

The truth of the matter?

The treaty of Quebec saw the British Crown implement new policies where the Ohio territories would be closed to further settlements and where the First Nations peoples were to be dealt with on a more friendly basis , more nation to nation. They saw past uncontrolled expansions by the Colonists as a drain on their treasury as they inevitably had to send in troops to “protect them” Those Colonists felt the Ohio Territories belonged to the “Anglo Saxon Race” as a matter of fact and had been moving in and killing any that resisted.

This same pattern is followed throughout History. It very much the “exceptional nation” creed, premised on Racism and bigotry from the get go. I suggest when people see how it works here as made evident in this article , they reflect on all they have “learned” in the past and start the unlearning process.


An excellent article, and so very true. The invasion of Iraq was a deception, not a mistake. Torture was ordered by the White House, we did not just stumble into it.


One word


The US did not “stumble into torture” - it was led by the depraved - it was official policy, from interrogators to guards and all in between and above, responsible for Abu Gharaib brutality and torture - ignoring war crimes documented by the depraved photos by smiling “thumbs-up” US military guards - the US has been led by Israeli influence/subversion in many areas of foreign policy and domestic, with Israeli advisers training US police agencies! Israeli crimes against humanity have subverted our nation and bought much of Congress & WH!


America doesn’t do War crimes ! Repeat 100x. Convince yourself.


The NYT is inundated with liars and cheats. It makes you wonder if they are keeping the lights on with government funds paid for the right wing propaganda they disseminate daily.


In light of the current “outrage” over Russian meddling in the 2016 election, the fact that the USA is the planet’s leading purveyor of election interference (and worse) seems totally forgotten! Boris Yeltsin was elected as Russia’s President in 1996 with US assistance; there was a blatant regime change in Ukraine a few years ago, not to mention supporting a coup against Charles de Gaulle in 1958 (!); bribing Italian politicians for decades; Iran 1953; Chile 1973; Iraq, an endless number of African nations, etc.

NYT and most other media outlets were cheerleaders for the Iraq War, although their journalists were fully aware that the WMDs were non-existent. The mainstream media should just be considered as purveyors of propaganda, then you cannot go wrong. Phil Donahue did speak out against the war and lost his job.


Most either choose to ignore or are not even aware of the facts you’ve listed. Thank you.


Under Obama there was a Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethics. These reports are archived now, since January of last year, and meetings and no longer held and the information is no longer updated. But for now at least it can still be accessed. Reading these reports, one can see that although people were having their time to speak, the reception of the committee was not terribly welcoming. The chairman impressed me as a giggling witch through these dreadful testimonies. Topics such as the syphilis spread to black men in the South, the origin of AIDS, electronic torture (Meeting 4 Session 10), are just a few of the topics covered.


Are you saying that we didn’t stumble into genocide of the natives? That they didn’t run in front of the bullets?
Unfortunately too many people don’t know how this country proceeded to steal, rape, and kill all the natives until they were so badly starved and sick that they had to surrender and live where they were told. Which usually the worse land possible. And if the US discovered something on the land worth money, they lost that.
Nor how we continued to do the same across the world. But we teach the whitewashed history where we are always the good guys. It allows us to claim how exceptional we are.


The NYT reporter is spewing putrid offal. Anyone attempting to rationalize the irrational or defend the indefensible is a piece of human waste. The NYT is a reprehensible rag, better used to wrap the garbage then read! It has disseminated fake news for many years with impunity. Until the insouciant American public starts to espouse morality, ethics and empathy for all those who have been harmed by the American brutal behemoth, then they will continue experience the evil of child massacre, enraged revengeful victims’ attacks and the infamy of being a hated American Worldwide! Those that cause pain to others, reap it in spades themselves, no question about it!