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US Support for Saudi Coalition Remains Steadfast, Despite Growing Outcry


US Support for Saudi Coalition Remains Steadfast, Despite Growing Outcry

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The U.S. remains defiant in its support for the Saudi campaign in Yemen, even as its backing for the ongoing and indiscriminate assault comes under increasing scrutiny.


“We must all learn to live together as brothers, or we will all parish together as fools.”


Yeah, I just heard about this on CNN–oh wait, maybe not…


Vote Hill or Vote Jill:

Jill: We have spent at least $6 Trillion recently on these Middle East Wars…probably much more when you factor in the Health Care Needs of the Vets, and now this New Obama-mination $1Trillion Plan to develop a new generation of Nuclear Weapons…Our Next Gen Nukes!!..Good God-what insanity… So it’s not just that the Rogue Government is acting in the name of the US Citizens (for you will have to bear the consequences of their actions, when they are safe in their bunkers)…but they are also spending your federal tax dollars on this craziness without your approval…SO maybe half of your federal tax dollars going to this insanity, death and maiming…

What say you Hill?.. No need to answer, as you will continue these and expand these Obama-mination policies… What say you Hillary supporters?..

Vote Green-- Vote Jill Stein …
For with Hillary or Trump, you will be creating a world of strife and violence.



All of those things that Governments tell Americans they can not have because of the cost yet the Military in one quarter can not account for over 2 trillion dollars. it just GONE.


Until last week the United States, Saudi Arabia and Egypt had been calling the tune in the Middle East for 60 years.
That all changed last Wednesday when Iran allowed Russian aircraft to use an Iranian airbase to fly bombing missions against Syrian rebels.
Some people refer to what happened as a shift in power.

Yesterday the US scrambled fighter aircraft to protect 300 American special forces personnel operating in northwestern Syria when Syrian aircraft began bombing the area.
Have we declared war on Syria?
If not then we are violating International Law by using US troops to conduct military operations (war) on Syrian soil.

The civil war in Syria, that the US (CIA & Hillary) started, has now become a full blown war between the Sunni’s and the Shiite’s. (Bin Laden has won.)
We are backing the Sunni’s and Russia is backing the Shiite’s.

Unless somebody sits down at a table and begins to talk Peace very quickly the world is in for some very tough times ahead.


perish NOT parish… Right idea, wrong word


It’s the petrol dollar folks. It’s the only thing holding up our fiat money. The collapse of the fiat dollar will do a lot for equality though, but will insure WWIII. Please don’t read this and think that I support those sociopaths who lead this world and our country.


All well said Imhotep. I do wish you were wrong though, but I know that you are right.


Actually you might have seen this


There is no question on my mind that US foreign policies are truly now bordering on insanity! There may have been equivocation in past years but no longer.


The US doesn’t give two twits for “international law”! We have the War Authorization Act; The Patriot Act; The NS Act of 1947 giving all presidents’ their own private army to conduct their own private foreign policies…and we just go shopping!!! There does not seem to be anyone able to stop us…yet…
There will certainly be a reckoning soon…very soon!


This is what politicians call “democracy”. It doesn’t matter what the American people think because America’s leaders do not represent the American people. The suffering of the Arab world means nothing. Policy is controlled by oligarchs, specifically the cabal of arms manufacturers in cahoots with the Pentagon death machine. Arabs die because it is profitable for American corporations.

If policy coincided with the polls, on that day pigs would grow wings and fly. Democracy is something Americans can only dream about.


Actually CNN has done 7 major stories on Yemen in the last two weeks. Of course they come at the story from a different angle than CD - but they certainly cover it.


We also have the War Powers Act. We need some progressive voices in Congress that will use it.


Where do I get the t-shirt that says:
Instead of Hope and Change all I got was this Lousy “Trade Deal” and More War

Stay clean and vote Green in 2016.


Our government has been and continues to be consistent in supporting the vicious, the insane and the greedy.


Nothing in Jill’s platform can work without peace and stopping these insane conflicts. Vote Peace, Vote Green. Our lives depend on it.


Congress will do nothing unless forced by the sheer number of people opposing this -too much money involved and zero accountability.


If only Yemen had donated to the Clinton Foundation…