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US Supreme Court Called to Act on Extreme Anti-Choice Laws


US Supreme Court Called to Act on Extreme Anti-Choice Laws

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A coalition of reproductive rights groups and healthcare providers on Thursday filed a formal request for the U.S. Supreme Court to permanently block enforcement of key provisions tucked into an extreme anti-choice law in Texas, stating: "This Court has the power to stop the sham."

If the case moves forward, the Dallas Morning News declared, "it will be the most significant challenge to abortion law in over 20 years."


Conservatism is a disease.


Sounds like it's high time for the Latino population of Texas to start getting registered to vote. But as recent history has proven, getting poor people to vote is like herding cats.
And pro choice groups should be very careful what they wish for, because they just may get it. The anti abortion crowd has been trying like hell to inundate the SCOTUS with abortion rights cases for the next term. They feel that now is the time to get Roe v Wade overturned as there are currently 7 Catholics on the court, five of them being DEVOUT Catholics, and most of them getting closer to oblivion. They also know the smart money is on a democratic presidential landslide in 2016 so they must strike now.
Major shit is going to come raining down in the next couple of years. Better get a good rain slicker, and an industrial strength umbrella, as this shit storm is going to get on everybody


Calling these destroyers "conservative" does them a huge favor --
They are right wing fanatics who can only succeed by violence, intimidation,
lies, deception -- that's always been true.


Abortions have been legal in our country for over 50 years. It is a woman's right to choose, as she will be the one to carry the responsibility for the child throughout her lifetime. HOWEVER, without MEN, there would be no unwanted pregnancies or the need for women to make the heavy, thoughtful decision to terminate or not. So, let's have more emphasis on prevention - for MEN - free distribution of condoms + mandatory sex education for ALL in the country. Subsequently, the old men on the Supreme Court can use their time to ponder other issues besides what's happening in a woman's uterus; it's none of their business.


They've all been involved one way or another with GOP/Republican dirty tricks or
criminal activities -- that's why they're been awarded a spot on the Supreme Court.

Scalia has done many favors and in return gained employment for a few of his
many offspring -- and very involved with Cheney's oil map plans for Iraq just
before W ran that war of aggression, based on more lies of WMD.

Alito, as an extremist, probably suggests promise for the future -
would without doubt overturn Roe vs Wade --
Wants to depower Congress and further empower presidency --
at least when Reagan was president. Imperialist.

Alito: The Origin of the Baseball Antitrust Exemption

"The Senate should also explore Judge Alito's honesty. According to a senator he met with, he tried to dismiss his statement about the Constitution's not protecting abortion as merely part of a job application, which suggests he will bend the truth when it suits his purposes. Judge Alito has said he does not recall being in an ultraconservative group called Concerned Alumni of Princeton, which opposed co-education and affirmative action. That is odd, since he boasted of his membership in that same 1985 job application. The tortuous history of his promise to Congress to recuse himself in cases involving the Vanguard companies, which he ultimately failed to do, should also be explored."

Thomas was involved with Sen. John Danforth whose family founded Ralston Purina company. Thomas was very involved with Danforth and later failed to recuse himself from a case involving Ralston ...
But, Thomas is certainly another who they could dislodge easily if they sensed any betrayal by him --

"Judge Thomas's first case on appeal was Alpo v. Ralston Purina, which concerned alleged inflated nutritional claims made in Puppy Chow advertising. Judge Thomas not only heard the appeal but also wrote the decision for the majority, setting aside a $10.4 million judgment against Ralston."

Sen. John Danforth was near hysteria at the challenges to Thomas nomination.
As he, himself, admitted. At one point he told Thomas that even if Thomas were guilty
of what was being said about him, he'd still support him.
There was also a lot of praying together.

Roberts is a slime who orchestrated and ran fascist rally at Miami Dade Election
HQ's to stop the vote counting mandated by the Florida State Supreme Court.
hey were simply a GOP mob brought down to Florida and paid for by the GOP.
It came to near-violence but no reaction by the Miami Dade police who probably
would have been disciplined by Gov. Jeb had they acted to protect the recount.

Justice Anthony Kennedy ?

I doubt the public would agree -- or our Founders intended -- that the US government
(people's government) would be run by 9 justices on the Supreme Court.

And, we see the same thing here on the Supreme Court that we've seen with
Congress -- invasion of the Catholic Church.

We now have heavy financing of the Catholic Church "faith-based" religious organizations,
despite the barrier of Separation of Church & State.


Correct. Sex education, relationship education, as well as ready availability and knowledge of how to use contraception would reduce to need for abortions. Most countries with sensible laws do NOT have high abortion rates, and when women do have babies, health care is provided and decent education for the children. I live in France, with very liberal laws, privacy protection (even for minors) in case of terminations, but ready availability of help and information on prevention of unwanted pregnancy.
Women have rights, and men need to be responsible and ensure that they do not get a woman pregnant unless she is willing.
Also remember the days when abortion was illegal and the major cause of death among girls and women of childbearing age.


Worse, it is a cancer for it feeds on itself and is malignant in its spread. It rots the mind and caused those in close contact to become infected with the malignancy. The only cure is a willing mind to gather information to process and clear the rot allowing healthy thought to flourish and escape the boundaries it imposes.


One more recession caused by the financial and exchange institutions ought to do it.


I am not so sure that bringing this before the Supremes is such a good idea given that five justices, all male, are devout cathoholics, including one (Scalia), who belongs to the conservative and culty Opus Dei order.


I agree with you whole heartedly...except it has been over 40 years. Roe V Wade was heard in 1973.


I remember voting in favor of abortion in New York as a young adult. I wasn't quite sure, but suspected that sometimes when a woman really needed an abortion, there wouldn't be time to get a judge to rule that it was necessary in time--like life and death issues don't give time for legal niceties.



It's incurable in 99 percent of cases. The only treatment is to move out of the Bible Belt into a Blue State and get a lobotomy.


To be eradicated.


Excellent, informative comment. Thank you!


"U S Supreme Court Called to Act on EXTREME ANTI-WOMAN LAWS"

Anti-choice = Anti-Woman for it is the woman who bears the burden of unwanted, unplanned pregnancies for the REST OF HER LIFE. No church, church group, or religious association will support her and the child for the long haul...maybe for a month or two for appearance sake and then cast her off. The attack on Planned Parenthood in the state of Texas is a direct attack on the health and well-being of women and society because, contrary the anti-choice fanatics' rhetoric, men and women alike benefit from the services of Planned Parenthood (disease prevention, planning pregnancies and birth control, sex education, health exams, etc.).

Religion has its place and it is NOT in the privacy of anyone's bedroom or in a woman's vagina.


PS -- re Anthony Kennedy --

Lawyer and Judge

In his years of private practice, Kennedy followed his father’s political affiliation in the Republican Party. He worked as a lobbyist in California and became friends with Ed Meese, another lobbyist with close ties to Ronald Reagan. Kennedy assisted then-Governor Reagan in drafting Proposition 1, a ballot initiative to cut state spending.

Though the proposition failed, Reagan was very appreciative for the assistance and recommended Kennedy to President Gerald R. Ford for an appointment to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. At 38, Kennedy was the youngest federal appeals court judge in the country


Don't really know much about Kennedy, but association with MEESE bodes ill.
And, Gov. Reagan -- then Pres. Ford --

Perhaps someone here has more info on him.

And, evidently, I neglected to mention that Clarence Thomas is a PERVERT -- !!

Then Senator Paul Simon said after the hearings closed that they learned a great
deal and if they had known those facts about Thomas earlier he would never have gotten
onto the Supreme Court.

I imagine most of the GOP knew what a dud Thomas was and about his "problems," but
they fought viciously to cover them up and to attack Prof. Hill.


People who are against abortion seem to be obsessed with sex, in general. Fornication, I believe is a better word for it. See, they think that sex is only sanctioned for purposes of procreation, within the bounds of a traditional marriage. They are against birth control (for women) because they think it is the same as abortion. They think a woman's god-ordained purpose on earth is to produce as many children as possible and raise them in the church. She is yoked to her husband, the head of the household. The hierarchy is such that the husband answers only to god, and the wife to her husband, and the children sit at the bottom of the hierarchy. They are to be subjected to physical punishment if disobedient and basically don't have any rights - "a child should be seen and not heard." The woman is to take delight in serving and answering to her husband and is discouraged from working outside of the home. That is fine if the breadwinner actually has a full time job being paid a living wage for a household with multiple children.
Also, people are not supposed to masturbate!!!! open_mouth
They see the nuclear family, idealized by 1950s nostalgia as a model that must be protected at all costs. They are against no-fault divorce, as well as non-traditional (same sex marriage).
They are hell-bent on inserting the church into YOUR household and YOUR vagina. Maybe one day ladies, the government will be sanctioning chastity belts!


conservatism died about 3 months ago so this country can live. Since it ded obamacare was vidiated again, gay marriage ban thrown out, fair housing laws stay intact, 2 states voting laws were thrown out, banghazi was found by the 9th republican committee investigating it to have been no wrong doing, te emails didn't break any laws and this too will be found to be primitive. We have been held back for decades by conservatism. They fought hard to keep wages low, fought to protect insurance companies from sick kids, they repeated misinformation so often they became facts to many people. They actually have gotten many parents to put their own kids welfare after the party's. The right tells parents to their face they want to raise student loan interest rates, they want to deregulate energy and chemical industry, destroying their kids water, land and air, we know the pols want that because they owe industry and regulations hurt bottom line but why in gods name would any middle class parent want to deregulate these things knowing it will hurt their kids? parents show the kids they don't love them as much as a political party. We are ranked 37th in the world in healthcare for last 20 years because of conservatism, we rank 69th in infant mortality, 33rd in education, 21st in civil liberties which to people with working brains knows that they don't hate us for our freedom, there are 20 countries ahead of us on that including powerhouses like uraguay and malta they hate us because we are there. conservatives are nationalists and not patriots, they scream America is number one even tho there is no evidence of that. what we are number one in is people in prison and defense spending, THATS IT!!. conservatism has caused us to be a mediocre country yet we are the only one who can say we can be number one again and we will now that conservatism died.
They scream they hate liberals and socialism yet they ALL LOVE IT!! they like driving on public roads, tunnels and bridges, they love the military which is biggest socialistic program in the world, they love the police and fire dept, veggies and fruits, they love social security and medicare, they love public schools and sports stadiums, unemployment and motor vehicle depts., ALL OF THESE IS SOCIALISM. conservatives are an ignorant, hypocritical bunch and I wonder what happens to republican party in 2020? I believe it will go away that year, that is when dems get to redistrict the country as the right did in 2010, since then because of gerrymandering, dems have gotten hundreds of thousands more votes in elections and still lost seats in congress due to gerrymandering. In 2020 they will have to deal with their districts eaten alive by bigger blue districts and between dems gerrymandering and right getting less votes for last few elections, out of 535 members of congress the election in 2020 should leave us with between 40 and 60 members that are republican, irrelevant with that, come on 2020


Great post.