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US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Found Dead


US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Found Dead

Common Dreams staff

This is a developing story... Check back for updates...


According to spiritual precepts, this flawed and deeply prejudiced individual, ill-suited to service on The Supreme Court will soon be sharing a reckoning--or review of his life--in the company of genuine Spiritual Adepts.

Let's see if Obama puts another right wing piece of human excrement onto the Supreme Court... or if he actually uses what's left of his term to do something genuinely helpful to this nation and its people.

As so many know, the court had a 5-4 "balance" that always leaned RIGHT.

Here's a chance to tweak it...

Any predictions?


Some days you get the quail.......


God is good. The news is shocking and comforting at the same time. This country needed this so much. We need to stop the Supreme Courts march to the right. Scalia and Thomas have thumbed their nose at the idea that the justices need to be non-partisan and not give even the appearance of impropriety. They have been making laws from the Supreme Court and legally they have no right to take cases that are political and should be decided in Congress. The Court had become a rats nest and now it is broken up and can be cleaned out. Amen. Go Bernie.


First thing that came to mind for me.

Unless he's willing to appoint a right leaning judge, I doubt he'd get a nomination through the Senate.


Would the process in the USA allow enough time for an Obama appointment to the Court? I think there 10 months to next election and as i recall it a time consuming procedure.


De mortuis nil nisi bonum. That's gonna be hard.


Obama should nominate Hillary Clinton.


Scalia found dead, me found celebrating.


Obama can nominate, but (54/100 Republican) Senate has to approve.


One less reactionary regressive vote for all cases on docket this court session!


I'm sure there's a corporate stooge that CIA assassin and imperial spokesmodel Obama and the oligarchy-owned Senate can agree upon imposing on America.


Quid pro quo: Obama steps in to endorse Hillary, Hillary names Obama.

Maybe the idiot Republican senate will consider restoring spittoons to the Senate floor.


Obama on the USSC? Just when he's ready to cash in on the corporate speaking tour gravy train?


Now Mr. Scalia will be at the mercy of THE highest court, period.


This is the revisionist, right-wing "Reagan" treatment starting already on Scalia. Next thing you know Heritage Foundation will be campaigning to name some public facility in every state after him.


but... it was The Devil that did it !!


Ding-dong, the asshole's is dead! Which old witch? The wicked asshole's
Ding-dong, the wicked asshole's is dead
Wake up, you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed
Wake up, the wicked asshole's dead!
He's gone where the goblins go below, below, below, yo ho
Let's open up and sing, and ring the bells out
Ding-dong! the merry-o sing it high, sing it low
Let them know this wicked asshole's dead


ABC affiliate sez: "(T)he 79-year-old died in his sleep last night after a day of quail hunting at Cibolo Creek Ranch outside of Marfa, Texas."

Hunting in Texas? Natural causes? Have Cheney's whereabouts during this time been accounted for?


Scalia was an activist jurist who did not believe in citizens rights, women's rights, gay rights, abortion rights, voting rights, civil rights...the republicans must be in shock and total disbelief that President Obama will be selecting the next Supreme Court justice. I won't shed a single tear for Scalia. I felt as much contempt for him as he did for our American values, maybe more. I was taught to never speak ill of the dead, but Scalia's heart died a long time ago, so in my opinion, he never lived.