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US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 'Advocate for Equality and Reason,' Dead at 87

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/18/us-supreme-court-justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg-advocate-equality-and-reason-dead-87



From article about how a justice can be rammed through:

Trump’s Last Gasp Could Be a Supreme Court Justice in January


The potential for a last-minute conservative SCOTUS appointment by a defeated Trump and a defanged McConnell is real and frightening.


It will happen before the election


I agree that most likely will happen. Somehow in spite of McConnell (and others) blocking Obama’s appointment (because they felt 8 months prior to the election was too short of a time frame for an appointment) they will find a way to push it through.

I found that article I linked somewhat helpful----am at a loss (like many others I’m sure) trying to figure out how this will be orchestrated by the clearly evil characters who are probably popping the champagne with this news . . .

I’ve gone from agnostic to full blown atheist. At least that is one internal debate I don’t have to grapple with anymore :frowning:


2016 was the only year in US history that a SCOTUS appointment was delayed in an election year.
I am offering a 50% discount on my oceanfront property in Tucson to anybody who believes that there was an ounce of validity or sincerity in Moscow Mitch’s allegation that SCOTUS judges could not be appointed in an election year.

As I have many times in this forum, I am thanking self styled constitutional law expert Obama for losing the House and Senate and thereby making Moscow Mitch one of the most powerful Senate Majority Leaders in history.


I swear to God I’m not a religious person, but this is what I believe:

That Love is stronger than Death. And that Ruth Bader Ginsberg loved us. Look at her rulings, and how long she stayed on the Court! It was for us that she kept on like that.

At some point she will make her way up, up into the sky. When you see two stars about the same size, in the same quadrant of the heavens, or even adjacent quadrants, those are her eyes looking down upon this morass of humanity. And she will help us. Because that is what Love does.

It’s not over. It’s never over. The novel goes on. We should write to our Senators and tell them under no circumstances are they allowed to approve a Trump Justice. Do what Mitch did to Obama. And, because we still have a filibuster, to use it. Put on a Depends and stand there talking for eight hours and then get the next person to do the same thing and talk until January 21st if need be. She didn’t give up, and neither will we.

God bless her beautiful soul.


OK, I’m just damn mad. I’m especially mad at all the CD posters who voted Stein or found reason to not vote Hillary. We could have so easily had a liberal Court for decades. Now we will have a regressive conservative Court (and many more judges) for decades. I have zero chance of seeing a decent Court in my lifetime. I’m just exceedingly damn mad.


Peace along the trail to this wonderful person. Thank you.


Even the Dems should be able to stall a good 2 months…letting the GOP ram a crap justice thru before the election will help kill their already likely crap turnout.


Of course the fact that Hillary won by 3,000,000 votes but didn’t get the job — THAT doesn’t make you mad. Oh no. Not bit. It’s Jill Stein’s fault.


So saddened by the loss of that fantastic woman.
But I can tell you how the McConnell BS logic will work and all will be spouting. See, they are going to point out Obama was a true lame duck since he was in the last year of his second term, and therefore couldn’t run again. Of course, this was an entirely made up “rule” and nobody could tell what they thought was so bad, likely they would say because he could nominate with impunity, no consequences since his time would be up, which makes no sense because his PARTY would be blamed if he was irresponsible and nominated like Michael Moore or something.
And we are truly screwed now. Trump is gong to have EXACTLY one criteria for his nominee…”are you gonna be loyal to ME!!!” And if so, he’ll nominate them. All the cases mounting against trump and his actions, the orders by judges for them to cease, or stay, for cruel stupid dictatorial policy decisions, are now going to be rubber stamped if the democrats don’t fight a helluva lot harder than they did when McConnell stuffed Garland into a garbage can and got no blowback.

This is serious.


No, no, not Stein’s fault. It’s the fools who voted for her. They are the crap that sometimes stick to one’s shoes.


Don’t bet on it. The Dems motto is, “When in doubt, capitulate.”


McConnell just issued a statement that “President Trump’s nominee will be installed on the Court”. Time to throw down.


The democrats have nothing to do with it, fool.


It was also time to throw down when he made up a new “rule” just out of the blue about lame duck presidents not being allowed to nominate one in their last year. Democrats laid down, seriously sick…
I hope they don’t do the same here, but back then at least they could have fought McConnell just making up this crap (and maybe they were so sure Clinton would win…so what does it matter. If so, shame on them) and pointed to the constitution and told him to back off. But now, they don’t seem to have much legally, or enough political power, and it isn’t going to cut it whining that “but you said last time…” to weasel McConnell, Trump is salivating right now.


You don’t understand how the Senate works. Why not post on subjects that you have some knowledge of?


One of the biggest lies of American politics is that Jill Stein cost the incredibly hated Hillary Clinton, who ran a lousy campaign, and didn’t even campaign in a state like Wisconsin, the 2016 election. Those of us who voted for the Green Party (and many of us have voted Green Party for years), were NEVER going to vote for Hillary. We would have left POTUS blank if we hadn’t had another choice then, just like we will this year, the Democrats having done everything they could to undemocratically take away the People’s right to have more than two choices for President, or any office for that matter.


The Democrats have already signaled that if they control the Senate, one of the first items will be to end the filibuster - if it becomes an issue, the Republicans can just end it now. If they do carry the Senate, just re-instate it if they want.

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Enlighten me. What you wrote here is worthless.