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US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 'Advocate for Equality and Reason,' Dead at 87

Well, aren’t you special. You stand up for what silliness you believe in. Unfortunately for me, you make me sick.

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Trying to force people to believe the lie that they have no choice but to choose the lesser of two evils will be the downfall of democracy. When both major parties are controlled lock stock and barrel by the 0.1%, sometimes the only way to win is not to play.


At 5 foot 1, she was a giant of the judiciary.


My heart is aching that her legacy will likely be soured by the likes of Donald Trump.


Another sad sack weighs in looking for the Messiah or something.

Yes, a beautiful soul . . . . who hung on as long as she could . . . . her strength of spirit, courage, passion rose above bodily constraints and pain. It was truly astounding and inspirational.

Thank you for this post allamarcia.

What you wrote was spiritual (perhaps I won’t go full atheist!) and medicinal poetry which came at a time where we (my family) are at a loss, on verge of meltdown here in the upper midwest in our little cottage in trump land.

I’m so glad you chimed in tonight. Please keep posting!

There is a clear sky tonight ------ we are fortunate to see the Milky Way and now the crescent moon.

The best antidote to this despair I can think of right now (action tomorrow)-----is to move the mind---- if only for a few minutes ---- to the infinite sky— away from the pain on earth.

Only in the darkness can you see the stars–
Martin Luther King Jr.


In 2016 in MI, 80,000 voters left the presidential part of the ballot blank – most of them Democrats – signaling the ultimate “fuck you” to Hillary and Trump. 160,000 voters who had voted for Obama in 2012, switched to Trump. Jill Stein got 28,000 votes.

But it’s the fault of us Stein voters, who I would gladly vote for again.
Never the Democratic Party’s fault – somehow they can do no wrong.


How? How in the bloody hell is Dump still alive and this magnificent heroine gone? How are Barr, McConnell, Murdoch, Miller, and so many other pieces of real fecal material still alive and RBG is gone? Aren’t there any real patriots out there?


Pat yourself on the back. You helped ruin America. And yes, you had plenty of help.


Sometimes it seems like it’s all gone to fecal.

Hundreds of thousands of registered Democrats wouldn’t vote for your candidate in 2016.

Your party. Look inward. How can your party change? How can they improve?
Why does your brand turn people off?


knock it off


Rest In Peace Ruth. Say Hi To My Mom, Dad, And Brother.


…as opposed to somebody who is just willing to settle.


Almost half of those eligible to vote in the US, do not vote. So why not go after them instead of the people that actually voted for the candidate of their choice. You know, what voting actually is.

No one owed Hillary their vote. If the democratic party wants my vote they can damn well work for it. Otherwise what would be the point. Just keep voting blue, no matter who? No thanks.


How long did that take you Caroline?

3 million more votes does not sound like turning off people. I’m just totally sick of the purity voters who seem to pretend that some people are oh so very good and oh so very politically enlightened that they can work miracles. And yes, the democrats could have been smart and not selected a woman. There are lots of a**holes who would never vote for a woman.

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Hi MonkesTale:
The Ioss was Hillary’s: and possibly for some for some they think it was due to sexism, but she was truly so corporately owned that’s why many of us voted for Stein. And too, the DNC itself became more and more like the RNC. Congress had not worked for the People for some time—so why are you so surprised?


Well, it seems like folks like you might at least begin to have second thoughts about their purity voting standards. The world is and will be infinitely worse than it could have been with either a decent leader or even a half ass decent leader.

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Well said above quote and the whole of your post.

I believe you are spot on and it is more than serious. It is life threatening.

Just what we needed amidst covid, election rigging (by trump), collapse of ecosystems, human induced weather disasters . . . !

What should we be focusing on now?
What can we do?

I can tell you what is NOT productive—the incessant cycle of arguing here.

I was hoping their would be some restraint . . . . given the sadness of RBG’s passing and the gravity-- if not predicament-- we are in which as of today is exponentially worse.

But I suppose the pointless arguing offers cathartic relief to those who continue on self-righteously . . . .

Many (not all!) of these comments just make this depressing news worse . . . so time to sign off.

p.s. does anyone know who Biden would appoint for SCOTUS? Warren?
oops! That may get a few more feathers ruffled or hackles up!!


“God bless her beautiful soul.”

If “he” were going to bless her, she wouldn’t be dead. “He” (god) would have blessed her soul to prevent her from getting cancer in the first place since we’re told that “he” is all-powerful, omnipotent and so forth.

And if love were stronger than death or even hate, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in where hate and death (COVID-19 for example) are most assuredly stronger.