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US Supreme Court Upholds 'Pay-to-Vote Scheme,' Allowing Florida to Impose Poll Tax on Those With Felony Convictions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/16/us-supreme-court-upholds-pay-vote-scheme-allowing-florida-impose-poll-tax-those


This is just a rework of the Jim Crow laws. After the Civil War the Southern States pressured the US Government to allow “involuntary servitude” for prisoners. They then started arresting Blacks for any number of things they deemed crimes from “Loitering” . You could be arrested for vagrancy if you could not prove you had a job.

These people were then forced to labor for Corporations and landowners some of them forced to work the same Cotton fields they were forced to work on before the war. They also bought and sold these prisoners between jurisdictions.

Blacks are arrested with regularity for things like “Jaywalking” > walking while black, driving while black, eating while black are all deemed crimes in the eyes of the police. Get that Criminal record and voting while black becomes a crime.

The US Supreme Court is a racist Court.


YES, I agree and after Fiorida made voting era for people who had been in jai—how is this fair?
The EXXON VaIdez sti hasn’t finished ceding up the oil—they didn’t finish paying and that seems Criminal to me!
Besides, once a corporation has gone rogue , it’s Iike a rogue bison and wiII keep attacking. When a corporation cheats the CEO should go to jaiI and if they keep cheating by ruining naturaI resources Iike WATER----then the entire company should come down while the employees go out and cIean up the mess. I realize that doesn’t seem fair to the empIoyes-----but as we have often Iearned —MANY employee’s know weII that their company is cheating—so spending time in a clean up might be good training for people TO BECOME more truthful… : ).


I do not even recognize this nation anymore. Can we admit it was a fairly large penal colony at first?


Not the ideal solution, but seems like a worthwhile investment for a liberal rich person to payoff ALL of what is owed by every former felon in Florida. Several $ million well spent in my view. Let’s just take the issue off the table for now.


FWIW, and the article doesn’t make this clear, this is a temporary order while the appellate court considers the case, although it does have the effect of disenfranchising these voters in the primary. It is not dispositive of the merits. These people may yet be allowed to vote in November.

That said, it’s clearly a bad order in a case that the Court should have viewed as likely un-winnable by the State.


Like Rick Scott should have done.


It always needs to be noted that Amendment 4 does not restore the right to vote to all “former felons”. Those convicted of murder or sexual offenses are still denied that right, paid fees and fines or not.

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Florida voters overwhelmingly voted to restore voting rights to ex-felons. I was one of those voters whose voice was ignored,

Apparently, the Florida Governor and Legislature only like “Dempcracy” when it
fits their ideological viewpoints. They seem to put Republican orthodoxy ahead
of what the people want. Every time.


Should have read “Democracy”. In my anger, I tried to type too fast. My bad.

Hi nighthawk:
'YES, and Cheney cheated a Iot too and he Iied a Iot for Haiburton—Oh is it true that if he Ieft America a country or two would arrest him?: )


Today its felons, tomorrow blacks, and minorities. After that its political affiliations and persons on watch lists, or under suspicion of foreign ties. It makes less difference than we think though because electronic voting machines already are changing votes from coast to coast, gerrymandering is rampant. Forcing tens of thousands of progressives to wait 18 hours in hailstorms and lightning to vote, or in 100 degree heat, is the norm now while right wing fanatics wait only minutes in comfortable indoor air conditioned polling areas. Then there’s the primaries, obviously rigged to allow only right wing extremists to gain the nomination in either half of the single party system. And once elected what representation can be expected? Unless you contribute in the millions - none at all! The only way forward is violent revolution. The nation has long been destroyed completely and come under the control of the enemies of America, and the pageant of pretended representative government is a shield to hide the fact that organized crime runs the nation, controls the military and the police, and the courts and the institutions that once were thought sacred and inviolable.


Yes. It’s true.


Hi RockyMountainView:
Oh thank you! You just made my day. Now, which country shouId we send him to? : )
I bet if he was toId he had won a “humanitarian,” award, that he would show up—as it would just be a short pane ride away! Sometimes --nefarious— can be a great feeing! : )

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I’ve ask that very question for years. Just where are Soros and Saban and Schwartz when the time comes for them to put their money where their mouths are?
Well, this past year, they’ve been in the Hampton’s arranging for Joe Biden to be their next proxy president.

Mark these words. Blacks and Hispanics are going to find it very difficult to vote in swing states this November.
Biden better hope he has a 20 point lead in the polls, he’ll need it to make up for the voter suppression that the democrats still don’t seem to recognize is going on.


Yeah, if they want Biden to win, seems like their money would be better spent permitting millions of people to vote (no strings attached) in Florida (most of whom will likely vote Dem) than blowing the money on propping up the political consultant class. But, then again, they are not very creative thinkers.

How about a jubilee fund from the ordinary folks… though I know money is tight for so very many these days.

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Another of a million and one reasons to vote to remove Trump from office. This is, of course, disgusting but this is the way they think. They are racists, elitists at heart and they don’t intend to give up power easily. We have a great challenge…and we can meet it.

Unfortunately, the total amount "owed"comes to billions of dollars and gaining interest fees at a rate that makes it basically unpayable (for example, more than a billion was charged just in one year in Southern Florida as shown at ~https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/fl-ne-felony-fines-broward-palm-beach-20190531-5hxf7mveyree5cjhk4xr7b73v4-story.html). The biggest part of the so-called debt is owed to the state, rather than to any victims. For example, a $200,000 fine for operating a large marijuana farm and then a 40% penalty when the fine isn’t paid within 90 days.

As with most political issues - it is the basic system that perpetually tries to squeeze blood from a stone that is causing the problem.