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US Surpasses Cayman Islands to Become Second Largest Tax Haven on Earth


US Surpasses Cayman Islands to Become Second Largest Tax Haven on Earth

Julia Conley, staff writer

Proving its role in the global race to the bottom on tax avoidance and contributing to a multitude of abuses around the world, the United States is now second-largest tax haven on the planet, according to an updated international index.

The Tax Justice Network found that the U.S. has surpassed the Cayman Islands as the number-two place where corporations can easily stash their money to avoid tax liabilities. Switzerland retained its top place on the list.


GREED CAPITALISM destroys lives.
GREED CAPITALISM is destroying Mother Earth.
GREED CAPITALISM will continue because “WE” refuse to stop supporting it with our dollars.

BOYCOTT the virus carriers!!! If you don’t know who they are then you aren’t paying attention!
Hints: Walmart-Amazon-Golden Sucks-General Electric–and on and on and on…


Thanks Fokker for saying what needed to be said.


"It’s a perfect recipe for attracting the proceeds of crime, corruption, and tax evasion."
And voila! Here we are in Trumplandia! Thank you Congre$$ for doing eff all about it.


Let’s not forget…


This is pretty awesome, drawing capital to the US as tax haven. All for it.


yeah, but it’s not greed when you want something, is it. Course not. You get a pass you won’t issue to others.


Go crawl under a fucking rock next to your neo-liberal asshole brothers and sisters.


Capitalism is not greed. It’s a political economy. It is doing everything that you describe.


The “Delaware Corporation” was created by the DuPont family, which owned Delaware, to hide their humungous profits. The quickly figured out how to make money by offering similar rights all over the U.S. and the globe to take corporate dealings secret and make more money from that. The original DuPont fortune grew out of making explosives readily available to anyone that would pay. Then they expanded into numerous other highly toxic chemicals including everything plastic. This is US, as in the U.S.


True and this is so popular, DE has no sales tax on common goods.


Evading arguments you don’t like, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.