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US to Give Argentina Files on American Role in 'Horror' Military Dictatorship


US to Give Argentina Files on American Role in 'Horror' Military Dictatorship

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In Buenos Aires on Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he would hand over declassified documents relating to America's role in the 1976-83 military coup and dictatorship in Argentina—often referred to as the "Dirty War"—during which tens of thousands of leftist activists and dissidents were murdered and imprisoned.


That's real big of Kerry and Obama as they continue to brutalize helpless populations around the globe. And hit the same populations here at home over the head with austerity.

.... consciouis of lessons from the past......" my tush.



This just part of a strategy for the US to reassert itself in the region and roll back the gains made by the left. By appearing to "come clean" on past excesses it can be claimed that any future dialogue in the region is seen as a partnership of equals all desiring the same outcomes.


Does the name, Henry Kissinger, come to mind? Op Condor and the planned assassinations of leftists throughout Latin America had the blessing of the CIA and State. And Hillary's boy, Henry, can be seen shaking hands with Augusto Pinochet at the peak of the holocaust.


Gee, another neoliberal politician leading a rightward shift in their country.
Hillary should feel right at home with this fascist, being a neoliberal herself.
It appears that we have "four more years" of Nixon-lite on the horizon.
"Woopie we're all gonna die."


As bad as Nixon was, he started EPA, OSHA and Endangered Species Act. Nixon was Clinton-lite, or Obama-lite, and would be put on the castrato bench Sanders is on if he attempted to win the DEMOCRATIC PARTY nomination today. The GOP would deport him.


"(...) But we're also conscious of the lessons from the past," Kerry said ...

The lessons that politicians are conscious of are very similar to those of the agencies/operatives that engaged the nefarious actives and often times in extrapolation applied to much broader psychology based operations. In this ensconcing of "lessons from the past" notable is the singularity of context referenced. NOT of the pluralities of contexts it actively sought to destroy.

This, I would submit, is deserving of critique from the point of view of recognizing 'colonizing' practices of how public awareness/consciousness is prevented from entering the discourses of governance.

In addition it is part of an administration pablum that is only now even mentioning recognition of the past, when throughout its tenure has fomented activities (like TTIP et al) with the nefarious sloganeering of leaving the past behind and 'looking to the future'. This practice is a voiding of the present, in which abuses are, thanks to whistle blowers, continually revealed to be of utmost importance. Why? Because nothing is or can be done except in the present.

Timeliness of informed engagement is absolutely essential to true democratic governance. Why else is the juggernaut of extractive predatory empire so dependent on surveillance and secrecy?


It says it all when the relations warm with the US government whenever right wingers in another country come to power.

Either Macri will use the information provided to attempt to legitimize his regime ("see, we want to acknowledge the past wrong-doings - in a whitewashed way of course) or to finish the job started in the late 70s-early 80s, or both.


Of course, Henry Kissinger's role will be sanitized instead of being brought before the world as a war criminal as he have been years ago.

All this, setting the stage for Clinton?


Hillary is a pro-interventionist warmonger so you tell me.


PURE EVIL -- Courtesy of the Disunited States


Maybe instead, our federal government ought to give up the skinny of their involvement and complicity on how the Macri dude, neocon, in the Argentina presidency, slid into office - and now how he is privatizing the shit out of anything owned by the Peoples' Commons, not nailed down. Fat chance! lol How did this 1%-er thug take over power from the 99%'s representative? Looks to me, just like what's happening in Valenzuela, right now, by the neocon corporate banksters, there. Subversion of Democracy and selling it off to the highest gangster bidder. I call it getting "Maduro-ed". And in Brazil! That unelected neocon, so-called president, Temor. He's a classic mafia-looking dude, if I ever saw one. (On TV, of course.)


Bolivia is next in the hit list and the US Government has already been funding groups to help topple Morales. Obama wants this done as part of his legacy.


This information, released 40 years after the fact would have been denied at the time it happened. The people who questioned the US role in the Argentine dictatorship's human rights abuses would have been called lefty wingnuts and Communists and it would have been said that they "hated America". Yet they would have been right and the suits and ties waving the Stars and Stripes would have been dishonest bags of crap, bad for the Argentine people, for the American people and for social and economic justice and for the sake of democracy. They are, by now, on their US government pensions.


Very good - "prevented from entering the discourses of governance."
Yes indeed, there is no authentic discussion of government actions and history when we are prevented from accessing authentic, complete information. The facade continues with ever more noise yet no increase in accuracy.


Complete unredacted files?


We might like to see those here, too.


Exactly. If you think the U.S. isn't behind the turmoil in Brazil, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you cheap. Bush's preoccupation with the Middle East gave South America a short reprieve, but now "WE'RE BACK!". The only difference now is that they've been doing the same crap to us for decades now, too.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but HRC's BFF Kissenger has his fingerprints all over that horror. He's a war criminal and repeated requests over decades for extradiction have been refused. He's going to be HRC's PR spokes-person and advisor (along with Albright (also a war criminal)--Is he going to be handed over? I don't think so. Many of the people who plotted and acted on this are still alive--Admitting to the crimes means little or nothing as the US has done that repeatedly over the years (or denied) but the war crimes continue on. Regime change continues on. An Exceptional country doesn't have to apologize (with real meaning) or change its criminal conduct. Obama proved that when he went to Nagasaki.

He has brass balls to go to Argentina after what the US did down there. They should arrest his sorry ass on sight.


Agreed. These countries know better than to trust anything the US says, or the President says. Why they continue to let anyone representing the US come to their country is beyond the pale. HRC is proud of what she has done to Honduras--ask her. Same for Libya and she still smiles when Qaddafi is mentioned. Ukraine? Her face lights up like its Christmas morning. Obama is worse. She trips herself up when she opens her mouth (and so does Slick Willy) but this sociopath has the English language down pat and the GD smile of insincerity. He's a great actor. She is horrible and never had the ability to learn the part. That is why (and she has admitted it more than once) she hates dealing with the public and the press. Even when she reading for the teleprompter, you can tell she means none of what she's saying. Obama on the other hand, he moves you to tears and you want the Pope to canonize him. You get that religious moment of being born again. And then you realize he's done it again. Sucked you into his BS lies.

Obama has bombed 7 countries since he took the White House (some of them all over again). That is some record. HRC will improve on that. She has to. She's more Hawk than anyone has ever been. Even Kissenger, Albright, and Cheney. Someone out there should leak her military uniform design. She has dreamed about it for decades. Obama came up with his and it was much better than that wimp and draft dodger Bush 2 created. Why is it all of these people who have never served their country love to dress as a military officer hero? Kerry did serve and then betrayed his country as he has became a war criminal and tarnished his service and the uniform.