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US to Keep Bombing Syria Despite Civilian Deaths and Humanitarian Pleas


US to Keep Bombing Syria Despite Civilian Deaths and Humanitarian Pleas

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. says airstrikes on Syria will continue, despite reports of dozens of civilian deaths and the pleas of opposition activists and human rights groups.

The Guardian reports:


birth rate = death rate = stable ecosystem = peace

birth rate > death rate = unstable ecosystem = war


The USA is doing the same thing in Syria as it did in Iraq & Afghanistan & Libya.


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Hillary to Keep Bombing Syria Despite Civilian Deaths and Humanitarian Pleas - future headline?

We Came, We Saw, We Lied................and murdered an entire nation!



Where is the antiwar movement in this country? Somebody please organize a million person peace march on Washington.


Drop Food Not Bombs
-- Code Pink


Wouldn't it be refreshing if there were a candidate running for president who would actually speak out in public about this atrocity and call for a means to end further bloodshed? Oh, but if only there was somebody like that...
Wait a minute, although you wouldn't know from Common Dreams, there is such a candidate!


So these are the services THEY ceaselessly thanx their brave order-obeying heroes for, from holy pulpits to their prayerful pews, from bartenders to their USA, USA, USA bellowing guzzlers, from sea to polluted seas? And the orders shalt keep on rolling down from on high, be they from the lips of Killary or Trump... but especially from that Rabid orgasm seeking Killary. At least Trump threatened to dis that war-mongering NATO.. if ya can believe him any more than ya can trust the shrill cackling shrew of Wall Street.


"chief spokesman for U.S. military in Iraq and Syria" Who's he? Does he make this decision? Does Obomba? Or does the bomb manufacturer$?
How about congress, don't they have a say? I guess they can't have a say about this barbarism if none of them bother to open their mouths.


they'll appear by the millions ten minutes after a Trump win. Put a D in there, however.....


Has Turkey been added to the list yet?


Why does my mind keep flashing back to Vietnam where the US carpet bombed much of the country because "We had to destroy that village (town, city, nation) to save it from the evils of communism."
* God, nothing ever changes, does it? Except to get worse.


Wait a minute. I thought but was those godless Russians and monstrous
Syrian government forces bombing civilians. Hmmm.


Americans are 84%+ anti-war and they were against the Iraq war even before
it started - way before. Internationally, numbers are even higher.
We're also anti-MIC.

Think it has to go local and I also think that TPTB also understand that -- i.e.,
Obama moving towards again allowing militarization of our police by Homeland?

I've never understood why we go to Washington DC to protest when no one is

But I do also remember a very long time ago, when feminists were going to have a
protest in our small town (30,000 population, or less) -- the police were near
hysterical. It was a gathering of women in one of our town parking lots.
Police everywhere. Makes clear that those who do the oppressing very well
understand who is the real threat. As Betty Friedan made clear in "It changed my
life," the feminist movement was physically stopped at the borders by our US
intelligence and it was life threatening.

We should also remember that ALL of our Representatives have local offices in
our towns.


Tell us drone, when was the last time you engaged in a public anti-war demonstration? Dates, location please.

Me, I gave up on them about 2 years after the second invasion of Iraq when it was absolutely clear just how futile such demonstrations are.

Go ahead drone, set to the sky and fly to D.C., and update all of us sell outs here on your activities. Heck, do it at the nearest street corner and post a 10 second video with an Instagram link so all of us sellouts know you have some ground to stand on.

Heck, we might just join you.


You can continue to stalk all you wish. I'm done with you. I don't have time for people who personalize everything into a little high school jihad. You want to have a grown up conversation, fine. The tantrums you can keep to yourself.


Oh stuff it.

I'll comment whenever I need to defend people you are attacking.

How pathetic that you use "jihad" in your response.


they'll appear by the millions ten minutes after a Trump win. Put a D in there, however.....

Again, Drone, to set you apart from those who you are engaging in a "jihad" against here, I ask once again. What exactly are the actions you are currently taking, in regard to public anti war protesting?


every country in africa has higher birthrates than the ME. it's the islam used to justify their power grab. they hide behind and among civilians. they are as cowardly as they are savage.
but where's a mighty muslim army from the 5 million armed forces of turkey, saudi arabia, egypt, iran? who will fill in when daesh is eliminated?
we gotta get outta this place if it's the last thing we ever do.


My Lai didn't begin to scratch the surface of the atrocities perpetrated by the US military in Vietnam.