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US to Release Secret 'Dirty War' Files—But Argentinians Aren't Satisfied


US to Release Secret 'Dirty War' Files—But Argentinians Aren't Satisfied

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As Argentina marks the 40th anniversary of the military coup that "disappeared" and imprisoned tens of thousands of people, President Barack Obama has promised to declassify and release secret files concerning the U.S. role in the country's so-called "Dirty War."


Naomi Klein does a pretty good job describing the US role in the Dirty War in her book, Shock Doctrine. Complicity would be an understatement.


Obama chose to go to Argentina now only because a rightwing government has come to power. The entire trip to Cuba and Argentina was a waste of time and served only to produce ridiculous photo ops of him at a ball game and dancing the tango.


THE ARROGANCE OF THIS COUNTRY NEVER FAILS TO SICKEN ME. To take over the Plaza that has been the stronghold of the Mothers of the Disappeared for decades with American flags is despicable. All your words Obama are as nothing when one observes your actions. How dare you visit Argentina on this sacred anniversary knowing how our government participated in the deaths of thousands by our complicit silence and then you wonder how a Trump developed? Look around the planet people and see the finger of our wretched nation and then you will no longer wonder why we are the target of so many “terrorists”.


And what role do you suppose the USG had in bringing about that rightwing government?


Empty gesture

Emptier soul


Kissinger would claim, National Security, 400 years from now. Evil deeds of the Empire are not the business of its citizens. We are the force for ‘democracy’…salute the flag and don’t ask questions.