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US to Slow Down Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan as White House 'Rethinks' Mission


US to Slow Down Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan as White House 'Rethinks' Mission

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. is slowing down its withdrawal from Afghanistan, despite long-held promises that the military would be out of the country by 2016, new Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said on Saturday.


Nothing really new here. Same ol same ol. The Amerikan Empire is a war economy empire, that exists for the sole purpose of protecting, not the American public, but the vested and strategic interests of the economic elite of that empire.


14 years or 5,110 days and we haven’t had enough, so lets throw more lives and money down that rat hole. What is the definition of insanity?


When I read the words “responsible conclusion” I sort of threw up a little in my mouth…


“Rethink”? How has there been any “thinking” regarding anything the US has done in Afghanistan since the 1980’s?

By now it is apparent to anyone with functioning synapses that whatever the US “thought” it was doing inciting wars around the world had no relation to reality.

In their own words, “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality - judiciously, as you will - we’ll act again, creating other new realities” Karl Rove

Why this crowd of traitors have not been put in front of firing squads is a question future generations will ponder.


A wave of nauseous disgust similarly washed over me when I when encountered “this summer’s peak fighting season”, a phrase that implies much that is abhorrent. We have planting and harvesting seasons, holiday seasons, and the four calendar seasons, but to accept that there’s a “peak fighting season” out of a perennial year-round state of war is just unacceptable.


Your comment is just rife with propaganda for Empire and worse. Rather breathtaking really.


Many recognize the swamp of lies surrounding US foreign policy regarding the ME. Most, still refuse to question THE seminal event which is the linchpin for the perpetuation of such lies. The linchpin for criminal acts of Empire abroad and at home i.e., wars, torture, mass surveillance, ad nauseum.

14 years hence. It just blows my mind.

Edit…oops! didn’t mean this to go as a direct comment to CD


And until they are dealt with appropriately everything we do will be tainted, un-trust worthy and questioned.


Reality can really plug a pollyanna’s toilet.


The people who control our government will never let the wars end, because they are making money on them. The only way to bring the wars to an end is to get rid of our present government. Vote third party, or independent, come next election. Don’t be duped again into voting for the lesser of two evils.


Ashton Kutcher is the defense secretary?


What’s the lynchpin, then?


That is a serious question?


It’s like football season. Next, soldiers will have body cameras that will be edited for the new unreality show like “Cops” but called “Troops”. Corporate sponsors will emblazon uniforms with logos like race drivers do. Who will be our Sparticus?


The lynch pin was the box cutters that brought down 3 steel framed skyscrapers into their own footprints. You’d think there would be a war on box cutters.


The future looks bleaker every day. Obama acting more like Bush. Jeb gearing up with his brother’s neocon team to replace him. Shrillary with her globalist neolib and neocon light team. To survive we have to make neolibs and neocons go away. They both manifest fascism and perpetual war. If you care about your children and grandchildren reject them.


And, as I recall, the only aircraft allowed to fly in American airspace after 911 for about a week was the plane (or planes, there may have been two) that flew the bin Laden family out of the US to Saudi Arabia.


What in the hell did your expect, here in the Fourth Reich?
War is profit and lies are common currency.