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US, UK Governments Should Free Julian Assange

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/03/us-uk-governments-should-free-julian-assange


Why??? He contributed to screwing up the 2016 election!!!

Let’s recall the president elect’s calling Julian Assange a “high
tech terrorist.” And that Jonathan Cook has turned to “mincemeat”
all the established Blue tic journalists as career mongers, liars
and on a good day for them, corrupt.
But you’re good to call attention to is plight.


Assange seems like a poor choice for a poster boy for freedom of the press, considering he took one of our most valuable unalienable rights and weaponized it for his own political goals much to the detriment of America and the benefit of our adversaries, and ironically, adversaries for whom freedom of the press is anathema.

I can’t be the only one who knows this, and I often wonder if Assange’s popularity among progressives isn’t a product of that same manipulation of the press for which he is guilty. No doubt you’ll find Russian trolls extolling his virtue.

Think about it. He broke into the servers of both parties but released dirt on only one of them. It’s hard to believe he isn’t holding something on the GOP for a rainy day.

Sorry Assange upset your party loyalty but this is much bigger than Julian, it is about freedom of the press, whistle blowers, the public’s need to know of what their government is up to. If you can’t stick up for whistleblowers then you are complacent to all of the wrong doing your government does. I don’t care what party is involved.


“He broke into the servers of both parties…”

Please provide proof of this accusation, let me help you out, you can’t, because Assange did no such thing.
But I can provide proof no such action by Assange, or any foreign entity happened to the DNC servers.
Bill Binney, the former NSA Technical Director and Co-founder of NSA’s Signals Intelligence Automation Research Center, proved without a doubt the emails could not have been downloaded by a remote link because of the download speeds. It had to have been done locally (leak), most likely by Seth Rich. Remember him? The DNC staffer killed in DC for “no apparent reason”, Who’s case hasn’t been solved, and to this day no suspects for his murder have been found.

“Evidence shows DNC emails downloaded locally - NSA Whistleblower”
RT America Platform

Then there’s this letter from the (VIPS) Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, to the President.
12 professionals who concur with and respect Binney’s assessment on the subject, as well as add their own opinions and expertise on this situation.



He did no such thing, see my post to Steamdude above.


There is an article at Truthdig called 18 Ways Julian Assange Changed the World. It is by Lee Camp. And there is lot of info out there about how Assange is being used as an example to journalist about whistleblowing on governments. If the UK can kill him in jail journalist will be cautious as to how much truth they tell. Journalists are already feeling the pressure.
And we are losing our free speech rights all the time: No filming and reporting on animal abuse, no protecting your land from pipelines or other corporate doings.

At Popular Resistance there is an article called > # Ten Reasons Why The Assange Trial Threatens Freedom Of Speech.
There are two bills in the House that you can help Assange by calling on his behalf HR [1175] and [8452]. And there is a call to action site


I of course wish for Assange to be freed in any way possible.

But, the Assange case is less about Assange (the individual) and way much more about the state of the world. And by state of the world I don’t just mean the several states and governments dictating and orchestrating his open and devious persecution, but also the state of the media. The media should have been in loud protest, and gone entirely black…everywhere in the (at least) democratic world to protest his treatment. Instead, they haven’t even bothered to at least report on his case.

So, yes it would be nice for Assange to be free, but that would not change the state of the world, which he put his life at risk to reveal.


Bullshit, you lie and you know it.


The degree to which Assange contributed to “screwing up the 2016 election” pales in comparison to the degree to which Hillary Clinton pushed away progressives and disenfranchised working class Trump Democrats. Anything Assange may have done is insignificant in the context of the degree to which private electioneering firms, like Cambridge Analytica, individualized propaganda on social media to ensure the vote outcome.

But what if the only factor that resulting in Hillary Clinton winning was Julian Assange. So what?

Julian Assange published authentic documents, not “fake news”. The DemocraticTM Party is upset because these documents reveal the undemocratic and corrupt core of the Party. A lot of us campaigned for people to vote against Clinton and Trump. By the rationale that Assange should be tortured and imprisoned for influencing people to vote against Clinton implies that the Republican and DemocraticTM Parties are entitled to torture and imprison any of us solely on the grounds the Parties do not like when we put out truthful information that is unfavorable to the Duopoly.

By the way, Assange is not being jailed and extradited for the 2016 election results; he is charged with the release of the collateral murder videos which showed the practice of US sociopathic soldiers in brutally murdering innocent people and the people who came to rescue them.


Julian Assange is being indicted for the Collateral Murder video that showed US soldiers brutally murdering innocent civilians and then murdering the people who came to rescue them.

Assange is not being prosecuted for putting out the emails that revealed the corrupt and anti-democratic practices of the DemocraticTM Party. Assange did a huge service in making clear the depravity of the DemocraticTM Party. The Republican Party is pretty open about their depravity, but, unfortunately, even the the Trump pussy grabbing video went public as did the record of his screwing workers in many of his real estate projects and his racism, folk were fooled into thinking he was their ally. You, the Pentagon, the CIA, Democrat and Republican leader call Assange’s publication of the Collateral Murder video, DemocraticTM Party emails, and American imperialist diplomatic memos weaponization of freedom of the press. I call you out on your bullshit and support of US anti-democratic governance and imperialism.


“He broke into the servers of both parties but released dirt on only one of them. It’s hard to believe he isn’t holding something on the GOP for a rainy day.”
Interesting. You have knowledge that not even the Justice Department that is prosecuting Assange has. Or is it just stuff you are making up? Please provide leads to evidence, or apologize for smearing a brave journalist.


Excellent rebuttal post! G. P. must not realize he is on the wrong website…too many perspcacious and street smart Progressives!

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The US & UK Governments should free Julian Assange but won’t. The American & British Peoples should free themselves of their governments but won’t. Biden will continue to do the awful things that have been done by Obama & Trump: Continuing the PATRIOT ACT, Wars, Drone Strikes, Sanctions against certain nations., Funding Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Territories, Aid to Israel & Saudi Arabia and Caving In To Wall Street. :cold_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

I find spy stories embarrassing rather than the least bit heroic. Why is my national government messing around with anything secret to begin with?