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US Votes 'No' As UN Holds Historic Vote for Nuclear Weapons Ban


US Votes 'No' As UN Holds Historic Vote for Nuclear Weapons Ban

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

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In what is being called a historic moment for nuclear disarmament, United Nations members meeting in New York City on Thursday are voting on a nonbinding resolution to ban nuclear weapons.


Just further proof that the U.S. is the house on the hill and that if the world does go into nuclear war it will be their fault.

EDIT: Still though. Hopefully this isolation will help the U.S. realize that if it does want to get into a nuclear war, it will be the first to be targeted.


Some encouragement for BO and US http://www.opednews.com/Quicklink/Cold-war-redux-Russia-unv-in-General_News-Cold-War_Cold-War-II_Russia_Russia-And-China-161026-103.html


Of all the countries ( Russia, United States, China, India, Israel, France, North Korea, Pakistan and the United Kingdom) that have the nuclear bomb, none have voted for a ban, not just the US. Of course they don't want a ban, and they also don't want any other countries to acquire weapons of mass destruction, but they are ok having it, gives them control over who does what, who bosses who.


Perhaps the UN General Assembly should pass an "F...-you" resolution toward the Security Council.


The US as it stands cannot muster the courage for a beautiful world because it has yet to acknowledge and atone for its historical and continuing crimes relating to the genocide of the First Nations and the enslavement of the African.


"Today the majority of states finally resolved to outlaw these weapons,": Good. Next up, ban WAR.


I'd certainly like it if they had about 2 ounces of real power, but alas, the GA is basically a cocktail party for third world diplomats. It shouldn't be, but it is.
The UN needs a new, democratic charter. Maybe someday, right?


Ummm... that's not what the article says.

" United States, France, Canada, Israel, Russia, and the United Kingdom, as well as several of their European allies, were among the nations who voted against the ban"

Actually, looking at the voting results, most European countries voted against the ban.

Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy.... anyway you can look it up.

Out of the 38 No votes only 6 were not European.


America, FUCK YEAH! Take our nukes from our cold, dead hands! If we outlaw nukes, only criminals will have nukes! Hell, we tell the world what to do, not the other way around. Who the fuck do those billions of people think they are?!


The most dangerous animal is a cornered one. And there isn't a more dangerous animal than the U.S. Let's hope it doesn't try to bite back and cause a thermonuclear chain reaction.


We the people of the US will spend $35B a year to maintain, upgrade and operate our nuclear arsenal over the next 10 years.

The GA didn't go far enough, the manufacture and export of all weapons should be banned!


So on the same day that the UN accuses ISIS of using human shields, there is an article in which dozens of "civilized" states defend their right to threaten entire cities and nations with nuclear annihilation?


thanks for the assist. and to seattle liberal, apologies for giving offense.
happy friday everyone!


The US is the largest manufacturer/purveyor of weapons, including nuclear and the last thing that the manufacturers (like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin) want is for a worldwide ban. Thus, the US takes care of its corporations at the expense of life worldwide. Take a look at the list of arms makers in the US: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_modern_armament_manufacturers The way the mfrs get around the laws prohibiting the sale of nuclear weapons to banned customer nations is by creating an obfuscatory chain of retail sales to shell companies so no trail is left behind to follow.

Certainly not surprised at a NO vote cast by the US, clarion of capitalism at the expense of democracy.


Don, I've read your commentary on several articles considering the Russians. I agree with all of them. Russia is not and never has been a threat to the U.S., It's the other way around. Russia has always been on the defensive trying to protect it's citizens from American capitalist aggression for profit. The Russian people for the most part are peace loving people. They suffered far greater losses during WWI and WWII than the U.S. ever did and fought the wars on their own territory. They are tired of war and death. Vladamir Putin has ALWAYS tried and so far been successful at defusing situations the neocons have created trying to make Russia look like the aggressor via slander and false news reporting by the MSM. Cold War I was a result of lunatics like Curtis LeMay who throught we could strike Russia with a first nuclear strike and win. (Win what? Global hegemony.) Cold War II is driven by the same kind of lunatics but this time it's the neocons (who currently hold positions of power in the Pentagon, Trilateral Commission, World Bank, IMF, and since Bill Clinton the Oval Office) in pursuit of their stated PNAC goals of economic and military global hegemony. Both cold wars were/are the result of a few insane greedy people who just cannot accumulate enough power and wealth for themselves and in order to satisfy that greed they are willing to put all life on the planet in danger. Why we allow these scumbags to remain in power or for that matter free to put all life in danger really has me puzzled. The only reason I can think of is that far too many people don't even have the foggiest idea of what these insane people are trying to do. The mainstream media hasn't said much of anything other than trying to demonize Putin and brainwash them into accepting war with both Russia and China as they did with Iraq. The propaganda is flowing freely once again for this result. I just can't believe the people are falling for it again!!! How stupid can a populace be? No, I'm not trying to be a Putin apologist but facts are facts and the facts prove that it is the U.S. who is the aggressor, not Russia or China and it all has to do with a handful of very rich but greedy and unbelievably selfish elites who believe that everything and everyone on the planet is theirs to own and that they are entitled to such ownership. These "people" need to be either locked away forever or simply eliminated as they are far too dangerous to be allowed anywhere near power.


Oh I've heard the same Don. In fact I have read from American citizens who recently visited St. Petersburg and they said the Russian people there were super friendly and loved the American people. The common thread they heard though was why do Americans hate Russians so much? They were completely mystified as to why we continuously want to wage war against them. They seem to be far more on top of the way the U.S. government propagandizes the American people than the American people do. They don't like the U.S. government. They correctly feel it is corrupt beyond repair and that the reason it is is totally due to the super rich and their monetary influence over our elected officials. Yes, they love Putin. He has an approval rating in at least the mid 80 percentile. Compare that to Obama who has an approval of maybe 40% and congress which can't get above 5%. That says a lot right there. The Russian people are proud of Mother Russia and frankly I can't say I blame them. Putin is trying to create a Russia that seeks peace and wishes to establish fair trade with the rest of the world. They have moved beyond war and conquest and have committed themselves to being good global citizens. Interestingly that seems to be the direction most of the world wishes to move as well. South American nations keep trying to institute socialist democracies that benefit their people but every time one of them does establish a government such as that the U.S. and CIA topple that government for one that supports brutal capitalism. It is we who are the last to follow suit in the direction the rest of the world wishes to move. They are tired of predatory capitalism, the war on drugs, and the lie called the war on terror which everyone recognizes as a mere excuse to spread the U.S. Empire.

We must topple our own ruling elites and "get the greed out" if we ever wish to rejoin the global community.