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US Weapons Exporters Lead World in War Profiteering


US Weapons Exporters Lead World in War Profiteering

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

U.S. weapons manufacturers lead the world in profits from the the booming military arms and equipment business, driven by rising tensions and conflict around the world, according to a new report from London-based analysts.

The annual study by IHS Inc.—which looks at military markets in 65 nations, excluding small arms, munitions, and surveillance programs—finds that the United States is behind one-third of all equipment and weapons exports world-wide.


Well, that’s it in a nutshell!

  • War is the most profitable business on the planet, and the Powers that Be will stop at nothing to keep the money rolling in.
  • That means huge tracts of land laid waste, tens or hundreds of thousands killed or maimed. There are always more young people to throw into the meat grinder and with a world population approaching seven billion, there are always lots of bodies available as serfs, no matter how many are killed.
  • "Nothing personal, just business."


U.S. is often helpful in escalating tensions, to achieve this goal.
There seems to be no escape from this dementia.


How do you spell REVOLUTION??


I thought there was a law about too much profit during war time.


The children of the oligarchs and their spokesman, congress, are immune from the tragedies of the war mongers. Our children are relegated to fight to maintain their profits. They have our young people in a catch 22, low wage employment and high cost college tuition.


I think the spokesman (or spokespersons) includes the mainstream media, which never mention the cost of the military actions the U.S. is engaging in, or planning to engage in. Moreover, there are other countries – the United Arab Emirates is mentioned in the article – providing arms to contestants in the Middle East. Once groups like ISIS are well armed, there’s no chance that their leaders could be persuaded to seek their goals non-violently.

Outlets like Common Dreams need to identify the individuals who are profiteering from war mongering. That includes those who finance the political careers of conservatives who constantly fan the flames of war, and media moguls who get millions from advertising by arms manufacturers. I watch the mainstream media carefully, and they aren’t talking about the individuals gaining huge financial windfalls from the war industry.


Start with Richard B. Cheney and his whole damn family. Add the Bush family and you have a good start.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Cheney’s and the Bushes are bankrolled by the oligarchs of the military industrial complex; such politicians aren’t directly implicated, although obviously they bear a lot of responsibility. We need to focus on those who are hiding behind their agents or proxies – that is, being represented by the politicians who foment the war fever that sustains the oligarchs, and the media moguls who are paid huge sums to advertise MIC companies and to run campaign ads for political proxies like the Bushes and Cheneys.


AAHHH, the whiff of American exceptionalism.


Mars rules. I’ve been stating THAT for years.


It requires little research to locate the handful of major Defense Companies like Raytheon and McDonnell-Douglas. From there, look up their CEOS.


And recent history presented the gift that keeps on giving:


The NWO Club of Rome oligarchs think (correctly?) that there are too many people in the world. They want to reduce the population by killing off the poor. But knowing that education is the best birth control method of all, it is not nearly as profitable as killing them is.


Exactly whom did he have in mind in the major media who were “owned,” and how did the CIA own them? I think the people who own them (so to speak) now are the producers of arms and the other paraphernalia of war. The “major media” can’t effectively criticize those producers because they (the media) would risk losing their biggest source of income.That’s why we never see anyone “of any significance in the major media” coming out with strong opposition to the militaristic viewpoint.


Do you know who are the CEOs of the major defense companies (who by the way control lots of less than major companies to help their production)? These people are obscure, because the media ignores exactly how they influence our proxy rulers with their wealth. I, or you, could look them up, but no one pays attention to us. We don’t have the power to publicize the information, let alone delve into the views and personalities of these people who control our politicians. I have to call upon media people who have the very limited power that CD, OEN, Irregular Times, etc. have, but at least possess a conscience, to put out information that will make an impression on our benighted fellow citizens.


It’s estimated that about 30 percent of the U.S. economy depends on perpetual war in one way or another. It’s no coincidence that the U.S. breeds chaos and instability by its actions around the world. Its using its European puppets to attack Libya was a good example. Its constant warmongering in the Mideast and Africa are also good examples, and now the U.S. is trying to foment more war in Ukraine and even in Venezuela, which has huge oil reserves. All that military conflict keeps cash registers jingling on Wall Street and big egos puffed up in Washington, D.C. – but there’s a big problem looming. Military technology is now such that even small nations are capable of striking the U.S. at any time. If those in Congress authorize yet another war, they might find themselves literally in the middle of it when a submarine pops up offshore to unleash missiles or a “cargo” ship does the same thing. I hope those armchair commandos on Capitol Hill and in the White House realize that the U.S. isn’t isolated from the consequences of its foreign policy anymore. I, for one, don’t want missiles raining down on my neighborhood because the yahoos in Congress wanted to drum up business for our weapons industry.


Seems the human race is destine to profit itself to extinction…
It is certainly no surprise that capitalism turns everything into commodity to be bought and sold, even death and destruction!


Thanks for the explanation of how Colby’s remark can be understood. Obviously, media should disclose when they’re paid to say things they haven’t independently investigated. It’s a bit like politicians not disclosing how they’re paid to advocate policies they never would have come up with on their own.


Indeed, who cares about extinction as long as you made a good profit on your way there. I wish they’d hurry up and get it over with.