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US Workers Unite Against Trump as Global May Day Actions Flourish


US Workers Unite Against Trump as Global May Day Actions Flourish

Nadia Prupis, staff writer


Too polite. It is not the policies that are motivated by cruelty, but DT and his sycophants


Just in: (They are considering a gas/fuel tax) Please no more dealing from the bottom of the deck. As a consumer/worker I am at the end of that game. That's why I voted against the Clinton's. Damned slippery slimy politicians.


History may well some day credit Donald Trump for finally awakening and empowering the progressive movement in the US.
That is, if we carry through and upend the existing corporatocracy.


For a small state (Vermont) we had a very good turnout today: imaginative, multi generational, multi racial and lots of red color!


Portland's May Day was interesting again this year.The police and the local newspaper, in the pockets of the same old crooks who've been running the downtown for decades, shut it down after a little smoke and broken glass.
The shut down would of been more realistic ( honest ) if they'd closed the rabid Portland Development Commission and gotten a handle on gentrification


Injustice, inequality, tyranny, all fall to the greenhouse floor under the adept hands of our nations protesting gardeners. Pruning shears clack as all of the America's ills are cut away.

Sorry, not.

The only change has been change for the worse. You're living in a dream world.




That's a big tell about DLC and Obots running things; not only the levers of the Democratic Party, but the levers of national power.
The few people at the May Day event I talked to are not going back to the Democratic Party. ( Could be venting and disgust, too. ) The best hope for them, as they say it, is a viable 3rd Party.
With a platform of " an honest day's pay for an honest day's work ", among some other issues.
Healthcare and human rights, etc. The usual suspects.


Good point Joe the Socialist (BTW are you SEP, or just DSA?)

Absolutely correct, that while "Workers may Unite Against Trump on any number of Action Days" --- they will never accomplish anything until they focus on and EXPOSE the EMPIRE:

Trump is just the latest puppet of the Empire.

However, today, the only effective Resistance to Empire is to fire a; loud, public, sustained, but peaceful "Shout (not shot) heard round the world" to call-out, 'expose', and non-violently confront this current Empire with an essential Second American "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" --- against this first in the world; 'effectively-disguised', 'truly-global', and 'crony-capitalist-fueled' EMPIRE, which has already 'captured', controls, and nearly fully "Occupies" our former country as its nominal global HQ, and merely 'poses' as America.

As our forefathers and founders knew, there is nothing illegal, and in fact it is essential, to declare independence from and openly confront an Empire which is oppressing people as 'subjects' in all their political, economic and social spheres of their ownlives and land.

And as Thomas Paine thought and Patrick Henry really meant to shout-out, "Give me Liberty (from Empire) or give me death."

Just like the old saying goes, "Can't see the forest for the trees" --- Today, too many people "Can't see the forest of Empire for the trees of issues".