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US Would Be Wrong to Ban Muslim Refugees


US Would Be Wrong to Ban Muslim Refugees

Faiza Patel

The brutal and violent nature of the terrorist group Daesh (ISIS) was brought into sharp relief by last week’s attacks in Paris, as well as those carried out in Beirut and Baghdad. We want to stop these terrorists in their tracks, and certainly well before they reach our shores. And that means thinking carefully about what they are trying to accomplish so that we fight them on our own terms, rather than theirs.


No, we are right to ban unvetted and unvettable barbarians! All of the military aged trroists need to go back to their home country where they can continue to chop off heads, stone people, throw people off roofs, etc just as their so-called muslim religion demands. Don't want them here and don't need them! NO REFUGEES (TERROISTS) !


More than anyone else, the USA caused this mess, so more than anyone else the USA should take the refugees that are the consequence of it.


If any documentary-maker or journalist cared to be REALLY politically-incorrect, they'd show the idiotic fallacy of promoting a Christian brand of accepted refugee.

What might be envisioned--or documented--is a long line of card-carrying Christians who left enormous casualties in their wake.

How about General Sherman burning the south. A Christian, right?

How about all those Southern Klansman that no doubt attended their local churches when they weren't out lynching uppity Blacks?

How about Eric Prince under the fatal delusion that all his kill counts represent homage to Jesus?

How about Dylan (whatever his name) who had the audacity to shoot Black fellow Bible Study acquaintances inside their own church?

How about American Sniper, himself, luxuriating in blood-lust aimed at a particular religious group?

And so on.

When will Christians--who arguably are the entity with the MOST blood on their hands--take a look in the damned mirror? And when will the religious authorities that wear "this team brand" honestly assess the deeds of their flocks, and cease and desist from blasphemous claims that it pleases "god" when they KILL in his name.

The spiritual evolution of the human race--beyond the endless rites of bloody conflict--is held back substantially by fundamentalist followers of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. But Christianity--starting with Rome's use of the sword to arguably spread the teachings of the cross top the list!

The Vatican's sponsored blood-rites stained all of the Americas from Canada down to Brazil and all captive points between. Five centuries of carnage...

THIS is not human nature: it's how religious ideology conditions people to think that brutal acts somehow are commensurate with religious fealty.

Yes! Syrians should be let in as a penance for all the destruction that spilled over into their land as a result (in large measure) of U.S military-sponsored killing fields across the border in Iraq.


I hope you are a hired straw man. No one should walk around with attitudes this soaked in intolerance, anger, and ignorance.

After all, by what homing device would YOU arrive at this particular site in search of this particular topic? Coincidence? Not.


Here's an analogy for you so maybe you addled headed people can understande my point. I have 1000 gummies bears but 1 maybe 2 % are posionous. Only problem is you don't know which ones. How many are you willing to eat?

  • read this site daily. I am just not an idiot woth a death wish*


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I am not reacting from fear nor am I racist (especially as I am African American). However, I am rational and can perform a cost benefit analysis. It only takes a few (witness Paris) to kill and maim hulndreds if not thousands with better planning and I am simply not willing to take the risk. They bring no benefits to this country but considerable opportunity for harm and represent a huge financial burden when we cannot care for our own (Charity starts at home you know). As we cannot determine who is and is not a terrorist, we should admit NONE OF THEM! They need to go back to their countries and clean up their own mess. Islam is not a religion of peace just read their so-called holy book. You like sharia you leave too!


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Well, maybe if your white ancestors had not kidnapped an enslaved my black ancestors, I would know what country that is (africa is a continent you know). At any rate, I was born here of citizern parents, who had citizen parents, who had citizen parents. I can trace my linage here to right after the civil war. What about you?


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Well you could find money to spend on the wars that caused it all and the bombs to bomb them each day.


I'm not American. I'm in the EU. We're already taking them, yet you mainly caused it all and aren't taking any. That's America all over.


Your country through its Government spent some 3 trillion dollars dropping bombs on Afghans. Syrians and Iraqi's. You have the gall to complain about homelessness in Los Angeles?

Your country has helped make those Countries unlivable for tens of millions many of who saw their hones blown up by a drones or so called "smart bombs". Now you claim the USA should focus on "its own" first?


I think the Vietnamese once had the same opinion.


Given that Saudi Arabia is utterly corrupt, tortures people, beheads people, flogs them to death, stones adulteress women to death, chops of hands of thieves, won't let women drive cars or freely walk the streets when going about about their legitimate business, I wonder why Saudi Arabia has for so long been allowed to be a good friend of the USA with its noble values of freedom, equality and democracy.


So use some of that then. That's what's creating the refugees. Or can't you join the dots?


It's 'too' not 'to.' Maybe as well as the military, the US should spend more on education.

I'm not patting myself on the back, I'm asking you to do your share, which should be proportionately bigger than anyone elses considering you're the main cause.