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USA Freedom Act Passes: What We Celebrate, What We Mourn, and Where We Go From Here


USA Freedom Act Passes: What We Celebrate, What We Mourn, and Where We Go From Here

Cindy Cohn, Mark Jaycox

The Senate passed the USA Freedom Act today by 67-32, marking the first time in over thirty years that both houses of Congress have approved a bill placing real restrictions and oversight on the National Security Agency’s surveillance powers.


Not good enough.


“…knowing that the NSA will be a little more hampered in its surveillance overreach,”

No. Actually the NSA will only be hampered by having to keep their illegal activities a little more well hidden. Only a fool would imagine that they will end any of their spying tactics. Fascism does not surrender itself to the rule of law. It only becomes more furtive in its violation of those laws. Get a clue.


Horseshit. This fake reform does nothing except maintain the status quo. It is like putting Obamacare in the way of single-payer.


But what if Godzilla attacks?


And Mr. Snowden is still A refugee in Russia, Chelsea Manning languishes away in prison and Jullian Assange is conveniently tucked away in sanctuary within the Equadoran Embassy in London, and Michael Hastings is all but A forgotten memory- And many, many others are locked away serving sentences for being whistleblowers against this ruthless state-


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Decriminalization of the crimes that corporations and politicians commit is proceeding as fast as criminalization of actions necessary to maintaining a functioning democracy such as whistle blowing…

A CD article today identified the most recent decriminalization…the TPP and TTIP provisions reducing human trafficking from a felony to a misdemeanor…and then only if the corporate tribunals decide that it is a crime.


This is a radical over-estimation of both parties: “In the wake of the damning evidence of surveillance abuses disclosed by Edward Snowden, Congress had an opportunity to champion comprehensive surveillance reform and undertake a thorough investigation, like it did with the Church Committee. Congress could have tried to completely end mass surveillance and taken numerous other steps to rein in the NSA and FBI.”

Neither party is capable of any such thing. They aren’t even interested it considering such a thing. Every member of Congress is far too easily re-elected. Anything less that a 50% turnover at every election is a threat to political sanity.

And both of those parties aggressively threaten political sanity with every opportunity.


Unfortunately we would have been better off had the US ““Freedom”” Act never passed. With the Federal Appeal Court’s recent ruling, Section 215 was already illegal. Now in the US ““Freedom”” Act, the new legislation will actually codify what was illegal before by simply storing the databases of phone records at the phone companies rather than inside the NSA itself. Electronically that means nothing, however. NSA can just as easily search a database in another location (as it already does with its many NSA contractors) as it can search a database inhouse. The critical issue, the illegal “FISA” court which rubber stamps everything the Government wants, has not changed. So it seems we are worse off than if nothing happened at all.

Here’s what wrong with the USA Freedom Act…

USA Freedom Act does NOT stop Unconstitutional Surveillance. Here’s why…


If we want to be brutally honest with ourselves here, we know they’ll be no going back to the days when we had our privacy. You can pass all the legislative policy/laws you want, it makes no difference. You can dream, but know at the end of the day they’ll do what they want–they always do.