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USA Today Under Fire for Fact-Checking Trump's "Lie-Filled" Medicare for All Op-Ed Only After Publishing It

USA Today Under Fire for Fact-Checking Trump's "Lie-Filled" Medicare for All Op-Ed Only After Publishing It

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Reputable news publications tend to fact-check articles before they are published and blasted out to millions of Americans via social media, but USA Today is under fire for waiting a full day after it posted President Donald Trump's falsehood-riddled attack on Medicare for All to publish a refutation of the outright lies that filled


In other words, fake news from USA Today!


From the article:

“… the unfortunate consequence of harming the credibility of USA Today…”

USA Today has credibility? Who knew??


And the mystery is?
My newspaper dude dad always called USA Today, McPaper.


What USA Today did is absurd, and there is no justification for what it did. At the very least, if they are going to provide space for Trump to lie about Sanders’ bill, provide space from Sanders to defend his own bill and to respond to those lies. But, then again, if they did that, it would be obvious that Trump’s article was a steaming pile of shit, based entirely on lies. People don’t trust the media in this country for good reason. Everyone, if they haven’t already, should watch the Chomsky documentary “Manufacturing Consent”.

The doc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnrBQEAM3rE

Short clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT9VK55Gbmw

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Aside from people who stay at hotels and pick up a copy of the USA Today to “read” while they wait for their breakfast order to arrive, exactly who is reading it?

  1. Do people actually get the USA Today delivered to their home?

  2. Do people go out of their home with the intent of buying themselves a daily copy?

What kind of strange creatures do we live among?

The harm being done is to the vast numbers of people and to the credibility of Expanded, Improved Medicare For All when such lie-filled tripe by a serial liar and sexual predator masquerading as President makes to any page in any paper.

Call out the USA Today 1-800-872-0001


Dear USA,

Have you so completely lost any integrity in not first fact checking articles as to publish the lie filled piece by Trump—I will not dignify him as President as he has amply demonstrated himself to be completely not worthy of his job on the highest seat of responsibility in the nation ?

As restitution to the vast harm you have done to the majority of people in the US and to the Expanded, Improved Medicare For All movement print an in depth article on how this Improved, Expanded Medicare For All will actually work and how it will save our nation and its people a great deal of money and do it in an equitable and dignified manner. While you do so, you might also want to ask yourself why the naysayers in our government , all Republicans and too many Democrats oppose this system. The current system while enriching this crowd of millionaires headed by a serial liar and sexual abusing billionaire is driving many ordinary people into bankruptcy and premature death for being unable to afford the skyrocketing cost of healthcare.

Thank you.


Giovanna Lepore

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Sander’s needs to align his S1084 with HR 676 which is a true single payer system and thus more cost effective. Is S1084 better than what we have? Yes, but we can do better. Republicans and corporate Democrats are exploiting this division.

People who like exhaustive sports coverage? Especially stats and more arcane measurements of what constitutes " situational success "? R U familiar with Billie Bean’s use/creation of sports metrics? Did you know a " hit and run " doesn’t necessarily refer to an auto/pedestrian entanglement or Donald Trump’s entire sex life?
When/if you played Little League baseball, did you stand out in right field and chew on your glove a lot? Just wonderin’.

LOL! Point well taken. They do cover sports pretty well.

My brother was the one in right field (tossing his glove in the air out of boredom). I was on the mound.

BTW, Billy Bean’s metrics approach to baseball is generally accepted as making the game what it is today – no hit and runs anymore, only strikeouts and homers.

Even when the president is lying right to our face he still has a platform. This is called the Bully Pulpit.

During the health care debate during the Obama presidency many of us wanted him to use the bully pulpit to promote a Medicare for All system. It didn’t matter if it was unachievable at the time. What mattered most was that the idea would get out there so the people could consider it.

Contrary to the wishes of the people, Obama appointed Max Baucus to head up the debate. Max wouldn’t even allow supporters of single payer a seat at the table.

I guess what I am saying here is the media establishment, the Democratic Party establishment and corporate interests have conspired to force this relic health care system on the American people. For this the Democrats are as deserving of blame as anyone.

I will not vote for a Democrat that advocates half measures in health care reform. This is how we can determine if they are worthy of your vote. Do they support an authentic medicare for all system? If not they are certainly not trustworthy.

Right wing Republicans are going to do what they do—lie.

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I stop reading articles when I see posted tweets – which means I’m coming here much less often. As a writer I often quote others but that can and should be done without filling articles with tweets. I don’t want to see them and feel that posting them in article after article is bad form and lousy journalism – the kind of journalism that gave us Trump.

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One thing we can thank trump for is that he has awaken much of the mainstream media to begin to investigate claims made by politicians once more. For far too long, their approach to reporting was to present both sides of an argument and simply let the side that was lying get away with said lie, presenting both sides as if they had equal but opposite credibility when that was far from the truth. As Stephen Colbert once said “the truth has a decidedly liberal bias”…or something to that effect. At least now there is some attempt by a few news sources to keep outright lies in check. Too bad that wasn’t the case during the general election, when trump was given an inordinate amount of free press with his constant lies for the sake of sales. Had the Orange One been held to some sort of standard of truth, he wouldn’t be Russian’s president in the White House today.

Totally agree with you. I was really disappointed when universal health care was taken off the table even before they started talking about the overhaul. That said, I’ve also come to realize some of the genius of Obama in that he went for what he thought he might get through a resistant Congress, as pathetic as the ACA is. What it did accomplish is that it gave the low-information voters at the lowest end of the pay scale a taste of what free (for many of them) health care could be like…even if many of them didn’t realize at the time that they were benefitting from it. Then, when the Republicans began to take it away, some of these ignorant people began to realize that perhaps “socialized medicine” isn’t a cuss word.

Agreed. Launch angle used to be the domaine of the DoD and NASA, pretty much. Now, it’s creating mega-millionaires out of .250 hitters with long swings, go figure.

The “genius” of Obama is getting people to believe his words over his actions. His actions were in the same direction as set out by Reagan Bush Clinton Bush, and they continue on the same path with Trump. Yes is is worse with Trump, as it was worse with Obama than Bush.