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USA Today's Whopper of an Editorial Beautifully Bashes "Uniquely Awful" Trump

USA Today's Whopper of an Editorial Beautifully Bashes "Uniquely Awful" Trump

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Trump's utter lack of morality, ethics and simple humanity has been underscored during his 11 months in office," editorial states.




Hopefully this vote in Alabama is the beginning of the end of Trump & Company.


Three cheers for the corporate mainstream media. Go Gannett. It is hard to find words to describe how repugnant Trump is but the USA editorial board did a pretty good job.


Save the Republic in Three Steps:

First, the Senate must introduce and pass a resolution to censure the President for his aberrant disrespect of Senator Gillibrand.

Second, more members of Congress must join the petition asking the President to resign.

Third, impeachment, if necessary to remove him from office.

I have contacted my Senators, Susan Collins and Angus King, and asked that they introduce a resolution before the end of the week to censure the President. Please demand the same action from your Senators.

This must stop!


BRAVO to USA Today’s Editorial Board! About damned time.

WELL said.


I think it will stop - a view from north of the medicine line.

Why - Tillerson.

De-coupled completely from Trump - in line, no doubt still here in office as state, because the military can work with, or use him, as you prefer.

It may or may not be possible to actually remove Trump - but he is already de-railed.

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Truer words were never spoken.


Is any of it impeachable?
Don (via Bannon) is stacking the lower courts with some super doozy, far-right judges, whilst the mainstream media ineffectually engages in the completely predictable, useless hand-wringing.


too bad it took them so long. Many of us knew this awful person would only display more of the same in office and yes it is shameful that he sits in the highest office of the people of this country. The party that supports him is not much better. Last nite’s election has shown that at least in Alabama folks can no longer be fooled. Hopefully the rest of us will be awakened enuf to send them all back home in November 2018!


USA Today editorial tearing the ginger pig a new one! - whoda thought it!?

From Alabama to USA Today, the American people by the hundreds of thousands/millions are finally seeing the truth of the trump - R’con regime of un-American actions, environmental destruction, and betrayal of the American people… All except for the greedy rich, corporate pirates, banker/wall street and health-care parasite co-conspirators!

Maybe the Dem establishment idiot elite should take a lesson - their failure to be as vocal and moral force or real opposition is deafening…except for the very vocal leadership and moral compass of Bernie Sanders, who has been the real opposition since the inauguration of the fake prez, we have been waiting for people to wake-up and not be toadies to this de facto dictatorship of ignorance, stupidity/pathology, and evil!!


As I wrote yesterday, I’m all for seeing a Trump resignation soon, but lets not be under any illusions that this will hurt the agenda of the extremist right-wing Republican party. On the short-term at least, a Trump resignation will smooth the bumps in moving toward its agenda.

We need to be prepared.


Funny, comments made by Trump towards the NY Senator garners a scathing editorial from USA today but not when Trump dropped a 22,000 pound bomb on Afghanistan.


The editorial reveals what matters most to the elite and privileged: Trump is offensive to the sensibilities of People That Matter.

Nothing to say in his list of transgressions of pushing legislation that robs working people of their wages and health care; of murdering poor and non-white people by the thousands (and threatening millions); of throwing gasoline-soaked rags on a planet on the brink of ecological collapse. In those respects he only differs in degree from his predecessors.

If Trump loses the support of American elites, he is finished. That day, if it comes, will be a happy day. But let’s keep things in perspective.


Well said, we have to thank a corrupt so-called opposition party for refusing to listen to the voice of the people that has led us to this monstrosity. How loud will that voice have to be to get their attention?


Golden opportunity for the Dems.

Sure hope they don’t continue down the road of offering neoliberal Republican Lite as the Trump alternative.

But I’ve been hoping that for three decades…


I wish.

Given that 63 per cent of white women and 74 per cent of white men voted for Moore, the rot runs deep in the all-too-racist South

The South is the flesh-eating disease of democratic politics in the United States.


Right - so funny.

If the so-called President tweeted about my wife or daughter as he did about Senator Gillibrand, I would recognize his words as “fighting words” and act accordingly.

So, I am joining the fight on behalf of Senator Gillibrand and all American women who have been marginalized, insulted and/or sexually assaulted by the likes of the present occupant of the White House.

Congress is a co-equal branch of the Federal Government. A salacious insult to a Senator is an affront to the institution of the Senate and beneath the Office of the President.

The appropriate sanction is censure by the Senate of the individual who presently serves as President .

If anyone has any idea how to get a resolution for censure started in the Senate, I’d appreciate hearing it. In the meantime, I’m suggesting that others do as I have done and advocate for censure with their Senators.


Thinking this could do it. Took my elitist enabling senator Kirsten Gillibrand a while to come clean and seemingly even matters with her blatant opportunistic assault on Al Franken, but that’s fodder for another battle. Just leave that situation to simmer on the back burner in the context of she who is not to be trusted; we’ll get back to Gillibrand’s phoniness some other time. For now, this genuine social movement, despite its relative newness, is gaining speed, and with increasing numbers of political notables calling for trump’s head in light of ongoing setbacks, these circumstances are leaving the orange misfit nowhere to hide or to go. With relentless opposition building and trump’s desperate tweets betraying his frantic state, resignation becomes a most viable prospect. This is the one issue that can take trump down that only he can address, and with Roy Moore in the toilet, there’s nothing that can be said in his defense, and no place or escape route available to him but out the door.