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USAID Arriving in Bolivia to 'Monitor Elections,' Raising Fears of US Meddling in May 3 Vote

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/10/usaid-arriving-bolivia-monitor-elections-raising-fears-us-meddling-may-3-vote

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Elizabeth Warren called for new elections-but Evo Morales hadn’t finished his term. Now we see what “new elections involve”- the fox will come and guard the hen house. She also supports Venezuelan sanctions. The Senator has gone neo-con lite; she has totally disqualified herself as a candidate for POTUS.


USAID bringing american democracy, the IMF and multinational corporate thieves to raid the lithium at 2 cents on the dollar. The Monroe Doctrine protected United Fruit Company while they stole millions of acres of indigenous land … still claim the land as a ‘right’.

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USAID is so well known as a CIA front my mother even knows better. Disgusting. I’m so over sociopathic US blood soaked Imperialism. Yet another example of two party continuity of hegemony at all cost. The undermining of Democratically elected governments and thousands of innocent lives to serve the vampire donor class of the Ruling elite. Revolution there and here now!

The US has always categorized indigenous people as “leftists”. They prefer corrupt capitalists.

Importing the foxes to guard the hen house

It’s Canadian & E.U. interests intersecting with the U.S. interests. Trudeau is running OAS as a proxy for Trump’s minions. USAID is an inside joke; inside the halls of The UniParty Congressional Consensus Caucus, that is.
They’re all in it together, using Christo-Fascist techniques, developed and expanded on in Spain by Franco. With the help of Mussolini and Hitler’s proxies in the late 1930s.
Nice company to take your business model from.
I feel terrible for the Indigenous and working poor of this developing country. Soon enough they’ll understand the term, descended into hell, much more clearly.
Meanwhile, back at the Vatican…the Pope calls for a just peace, or just a piece of the action. I’m not sure.

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I see the specte of the CIA. Does anyone else?

Oh this is rich. The Republican Party refereeing other peoples elections. One could cut the irony with a knife. I spose that we could get the Russians to monitor our next election for us.