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USAID: Helping the Poor or Setting Up Puppets?


USAID: Helping the Poor or Setting Up Puppets?

Ru Freeman

In the wake of the 2004 tsunami, the state of Maine under the aegis of The Sahana Project, began a program of reconstruction in the hard-hit town of Kalametiya on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka. The project was funded by small donations - not unlike the ones that turned then Senator Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency into a success - and went towards the rebuilding of an entire village, constructed to withstand any future natural disasters, ecologically sound, and culturally specific.


Yes Ru, USAID did just expose itself, like it does wherever it goes, as just another tentacle of the hungry empire. They have done worse elsewhere; however, the one they’re grooming will be the real tool. When this empire too fades away it won’t be said that it did not use every means at its disposal.


It seems to me that any NGO trying to actually do good work should not structure its funding so as to be dependent on the US government, for the reasons painfully exemplified by the story in this article. It reminds me of ACORN, who made a similar mistake of depending on government money to do good work in deprived areas in the US.

After the revolution, when the government is actually “of the people”, it will be ok to set up a dependency on it, but in the meantime, we need to re-invent governance by starting at the local level.


Since The Shock Doctrine provides a modus operandi for exploiting disasters, it makes sense that its devotees would be on hand to closely guard any programs in place to rebuild places after disasters hit.

USAID sounds like a front for the CIA. Since like Jack Perkins’ in his “former life,” these individuals generally lay the path for merciless corporate capitalistic exploitation, the last thing they want are decent, honest, compassionate agencies actually ministering to persons in need.

Given the reach of both weaponry (via the U.S. MIC empire of 1000+ bases) and surveillance, and taking into account how quickly such vast sums of global wealth have arrived at the top of the fiscal pyramid, the New World Order types are doing all that they can to control populations. Fear, terror, privation, and armed mercenaries are useful to that ends and thus being spread.


Word. USAID is a terrorist organization.


Terrific article, Ru, with one exception. USAID didn’t reveal anything surprisingly new in this case. Puppet making has been one of USAID’s raison d’etres and modus operandis for a long time. These methods are used sparingly as USAID is only one of many guises judiciously employed to achieve their handlers aims. The good stuff they do is genuinely benevolent, well-intended, and helpful, though mostly performed in grossly disproportionate measures in friendly nations in strategic parts of the world. All of this makes USAID a very effective cover for the immoral actions like those you have so well articulated that they are only infrequently ordered to take and usually achieve with greater discretion.