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USDA Approves GMO Arctic Apples Despite Opposition


USDA Approves GMO Arctic Apples Despite Opposition

Wenonah Hauter

Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ genetically engineered Arctic Apples. These apples are engineered to resist browning when sliced. The USDA’s environmental review received 73,000 comments that overwhelmingly opposed the commercialization of Arctic Apples.


I always look for the bruising on apples to determine my purchase now even that is hidden from me by the profiteers genetic f…ing.


Given the clout of gen-tech food corps., in the off-chance that public opposition stops these apples from hitting the marketplace, they’ll no doubt end up in baby food where unsuspecting parents will unknowingly begin the process of weakening their babies’ immune systems.

I have a daughter who’s so conscious of what she eats that I don’t have the heart to read her the list: traces of insecticide, pesticide, herbicide on produce and that’s when it’s not genetically altered. Arsenic in chicken, hormones in meat, bio-genetically mangled Salmon, and shrimps full of Gulf of Mexico Cor-exit Stew. Then there’s the chem-trails, fluoride and chloride in the water, added to a bevy of other peoples’ prescription drug run-off, with radiation streaming into atmosphere and ocean via Fukushima serving as the cherry on the toxic overload cake.

Oh, and then for today’s youngsters, there’s that plethora of vaccine inoculations, a veritable poison-rush overload.

With all of this and gen-tech corn, soy, apples and more now creeping into human beings’ diets, it would seem that population reduction plans–by stealth–are indeed underway.


Let’s be real here… the opposition from US Apple Association etc is purely financial. They are afraid that the non browning apples are gonna sell better then theirs.

Secondly, let’s think about it this way: The Jones family has been growing apples for generations and thru artificial pollination and hybridization over several decades that arrive at an apple that does not brown after being cut. Farmers have been doing it since the beginning of history. On the other hand the Jackson family, also apple growers engage the help of modern genetic technology to arrive at the same result as the Jones family but it only takes them a few years. The Jones and Jackson apples are genetically identical, yet there is only opposition to the Jackson apples.


I guess they gonna be in big trouble with their bosses then. The Arctic Apple was developed by a small Canadian biotechnology company, which would make it a direct competitor of Monsanto. Trouble for the USDA ya think?


Cultivated plants are inefficient. They are the equivalent of heating your house with the windows open. Let’s shut the windows and reduce our inputs of either land, labor, fuel, water, protectants etc. Humans already genetically modify plants by perhaps half a dozen different methods. GMO plants are just one part of the green environmentally friendly future. One should be wary of fear-mongering regarding GMO plants.


The “Arctic Apple” is no more genetically identical to an identity preserved apple than a gmo papaya is identical to natural papaya. Indeed along with the cavalier rearrangement of DNA, novel proteins are created with untold ramifications for ecology and human health.

This is not acceptable, and it’s certainly not over. Just as people power in Hawaii, born of aloha aina (love of the living land that feeds us.) is interrupting and countering this misguided and dangerous technology, we will never give up defending apples, the rose family of plants, including Hawthorn ~ nor all the precious pollinators dependent on them.


What exactly does “natural” mean today? Most of the fruits, veggies and animals we grow and eat today are genetically different from their ancestors. This was all done thru selective breeding and selection. Genetic engineering does exactly the same thing but using modern technology.

When the first steam engines came out some people thought they would get nosebleeds and die at the high rates of speed.


And that’s the lie, right there: they’re not going to be genetically identical. Even another, Williams’s let’s say, naturally-bred one won’t be identical to the Jones’s. What the Jones’s and Williams’s will have in common, though, is that the effect was produced by natural methods, not poorly-understood gene-splicing.


No, it doesn’t do “exactly the same thing”. It tries to arrive at a certain result quickly, and thus without much regard to side effects.


“Progressivism is a broad philosophy based on the Idea of Progress, which asserts that advancement in science, technology, economic development, and social organization are vital to improve the human condition”.

I guess i am more progressive than others.

There’s plenty of stuff that can be done the “natural” way. But why deny the advances of science and stick to old outdated ways? I thought that’s called being conservative.


If we cared for the soil and got back to reading the plants we would know what is needed to produce crops without playing genetic roulette. Short cuts have a way of dumbing down time tested wisdom that then die with our grandfathers. I believe we have lost more knowledge trying to solve agriculture on the quick by pouring oil products all over our crops and soil than we have gained. The other down side is the destruction that can be followed from the fields of dead soil through the waterways all the way to bays and gulf dead zones with their toxic effects on our water and aquatic life and its environment.


Nah, just more reckless. Not all motion is progress.