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USDA Approves ‘Untested, Inherently Risky’ GMO Apple


USDA Approves ‘Untested, Inherently Risky’ GMO Apple

Katherine Paul

On Friday, February 13, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the first genetically engineered apple, despite hundreds of thousands of petitions asking the USDA to reject it.

According an article in Politico, the USDA said the GMO apple “doesn’t pose any harm to other plants or pests.”

Great. But what about potential harm to the humans who consume them?


I always thought bruising was natures way of telling us something was going bad, I guess for monetary reasons someone wants nature to shut the “f” up.


Precisely: “We know better than nature does… how to generate profits.”


According to Vandana Shiva, there are millions of peasant farmers, mostly women who work lovingly and wisely with the earth’s soils. So the frame that “WE know better how to make profits” only applies to the gen-tech corporations that want to take all things natural OUT of nature. Like cloning, they want to eliminate the Feminine side of the life-giving equation; that’s what all this genetic dismantling and taking apart DNA building blocks only to reassemble them out of intended sequence is all about.

Another poster falls back on the WE frame in order to conflate what industry does (often with vast public opposition) with either Human Nature or the alleged will and consent of the Governed.

It ain’t so.


No, that’s not my post you’re reacting to, that’s your knee jerking.

Not that anyone needs to pass your knee-jerk litmus test, but you might note that the “We” phrase is in quotes. It is in response to 1950, who stated “for monetary reasons someone wants nature to shut the “f” up.” My phrasing is “precisely” quoting that “someone.”

i am not “falling back on the WE frame in order to conflate” anything, despite your blundering long-distance psychoanalysis of my meaning and motivation. Ha-ha! At least you do provide some humor, for the discerning reader.

YOU, for the multi-thousandth time, are cramming people into YOUR frame. As is so often the case, you are simply wrong.

The next time your knee jerks, you might force yourself to stop and consider: “Is it possible that i am mis-reading what this person has written?”


Must we pray that the US Government has licentiously authorized the GMO industry to kill all the bees, domestic and wild, so none of the US Government approved GMO people mutating foodstuffs will be cross-pollinated with, say, ordinary healthy apples?

It is time to cut the entire funding for the USDA on the grounds that it is doing nothing for the public and is merely a rubber-stamping service exclusively for corporate welfare queens.

We may have to go after the EPA on the same grounds. Why is the EPA not banning that crap industry?

Fortunately, we can rely upon the historical sense of humor. Obama will go into the books as the GMO president, the Oil & Natural Gas-Fracking president, the world’s most war-mongering president, the US’s most wimpy president when it was time to protect the social safety net, Wall Street’s most-readily prostrate servicer, the campaigner who told the most and the biggest lies just to get elected so he could do pretty much exactly the opposite. The list goes on. Thank heavens the drooling acolytes never get the last word because they die before the good histories are written.


Right. Ban the EPA and the USDA so that corporations like Monsanto can have even freer reign. That sounds like a wise strategy. Not. But it sure passes the Right Wing Libertarian (whatever it is, Govt. bad!) litmus test.