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USDA Indefinitely Suspends Honey Bee Tracking Survey as States Get Approval to Use Bee-Killing Pesticide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/08/usda-indefinitely-suspends-honey-bee-tracking-survey-states-get-approval-use-bee


Yet another reason Not to IMPEACH…eh Pelosi?


Anyone remember Don’s speech wherein he quoted from a book that contained the line “…you knew I was a snake when you let me in?”
This story is a good example of how (the collective) we make ourselves victims, be it before Don or before the corporation. Allowing him to remain in office literally threatens the population, whether or not one voted for him.


There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Lockheed-Martin has formed a joint venture with Raytheon to build millions of miniature drone pollenators, which it will sell under exclusive license to Monsanto, er, Bayer (which will then get an exclusive permit from FAA to fly them anywhere without liabiity). The fictitious company is to be called “Birds_and_Bees_Who_Needs_'Em(dot)com.”

War is peace.
Ignorance is strength.
Capitalism is freedom.


Reporter to trump:
Mr.President I see you authorized the suspension of data collection on the reduction of honey bees, could you explain that?

Bees are bad, when I was young I was stung by hundreds of thousands of bees, in my apartment, for no reason they attacked me, me of all people, Donald J. Trump. Bees bad, they must be eliminated. I’m saving all the people from bees, everyone will thank me when it’s over. Your welcome America.

There you have it, once again President Trump has saved America from certain death.
Now back to Steve, at our Fox News headquarters.


So, the trump administration is saying, “if we don’t know what the numbers are, there is nothing to worry about.”


The NHS doesn’t track the numbers of Native American women assaulted and/or killed, so this isn’t really surprising. They can’t, by law, track gun injuries and deaths, either, because of lobbyist pressure. The Government can track what it wants to, and ignore what goes against policy. It happens in any administration.

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millions of miniature drone pollenators

with facial recognition features, microphones and tranmitters…oh and a plutonium stinger

War is peace.
Ignorance is strength.
Capitalism is freedom.
Democratic Leadership is Progressive
Biden and Harris are Progressive
Centrist Democrats are Progressive
Moderate democrats are…eh democrats


Pelosi is just another Republican parading around as a Democrat, a DINO who hates progressives… “Impeachment is off the table” and “It’s just not worth it” and “the green, whatever” are proof that she has been working with the Republicans for a long, long time.

It’s a club and you don’t have enough money to join.

We have representative Democracy, not democracy. There is a thin layer of wealth that separates voters from representation. Gold is thicker than democracy.

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This attack on our critical pollinators to benefit the chemical poison conglomerate is a crime of vast proportions. Obviously the moron prez is ignorant beyond the meaning of the word!

. The trump regime embarked on this course of “rolling back” environmental protections and regulations since day one to shield corporate polluters and rapists and protect their profits above all else.

How is that premeditated policy of wanton destruction, exploitation and pollution that threatens not only the Earth itself and all wild creatures, but the health and safety of millions of humans-Americans not a goddamn crime??!

Where are the voices or sanity and reason as these crimes are committed daily? Certainly not from the corrupt DINO party of craven complicity!

Are there no mechanisms that can stop trumps actions that bypass Congress and evades the law as he commits his madness and crimes by executive fiat?

WTF is going on in this country?!


I share your frustration…


Time to make your voices heard–we need the bees as pollinators!

CALL (202) 720-2791

My message:

Dear USDA:

The indefinite suspension of the honey bee tracking survey just so corporate criminals can continue to destroy our pollinators through the use of bee killing pesticides which means most of our food stuff on which we depend is unconscionable and if not illegal then it sure as hell needs to become so ! Trump may be living in a corporate alternate universe but the informed part of the world’s population is not. Criminals every one of you!

Giovanna Lepore

Vermont, USA


Of course you can’t come to a final conclusion because of a lack of collecting all evidence and vetting that evidence. but when you start to include everything done to the environment, our food system, lack of universal healthcare, over prescribed meds, lowering education standards, the day-to-day costs just to exist, and many more items to long to list here. A case could be made for elimination of the lower class. IMO it’s not too far of a stretch, considering the level of resentment towards the poor and the voters in general.

Another step on the road to suicide.


I just emailed them since their phone message was playing a double message and not recording.

We are bee keepers and organic gardeners here in rural MO and our records show a minimum 40% bee loss yearly. That of course is not counting wild pollinators of which we see less and less. It’s becoming the silent spring that Rachel Carson warned about.

Disdain is too kind a word re my feelings for the pathetic leadership we have in this country.


Yes, but, is he not merely approving the wishes of others? Who are these others & who is really in control.

All we need is a frequently updated list of the farms which use the pesticide, the crops produced and the processors who purchase these crops as well as the food products these processors produce with those poisoned crops. With that we can boycott the farmers, and food products produced, as well as impact the ability of farmers and processors to sell this food and the food products made from these crops by informing local and foreign markets of the practices. I do blame the farmers primarily, if they choose to use these pesticides, we have the right to know and the duty to demonstrate the consequences of their choices.