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USDA Records Reveal Staffing Shortages Undermining Food Safety


USDA Records Reveal Staffing Shortages Undermining Food Safety

Food & Water Watch

WASHINGTON - Today, the national advocacy organization Food & Water Watch released an analysis of USDA records documenting the impact of long-standing vacancies in the ranks of USDA meat and poultry inspectors. This release comes just hours before officials from USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) are due to discuss their budget request for FY2016 before the House Agriculture Appropriations subcommittee.



One of the themes at the People’s Climate March was “Change the system, not the climate” This applies to agriculture perhaps more than any other sector. Industrial agriculture - from huge monoculture GMO crop farming to CAFOs and battery chickens - is responsible for more greenhouse emissions and climate pollution than any other sector.
It is time to return to small scale, mixed farming which is based on healthy soil, not chemicals. The sort of farming our grandparents and the countless generations before them did. The sort of farms that need minimal oversight by government agencies because they supply food to their friends and neighbors, and it is not good for business to sell tainted food. Selling to people you know automatically builds in self-regulation, and responsibility for one’s own actions.