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Use Latest Tragedy in Syria to End the War, Not Escalate It


Use Latest Tragedy in Syria to End the War, Not Escalate It

Medea Benjamin, Ann Wright

Four years ago, massive citizen opposition and mobilization stopped a possible U.S. military attack on the Assad government of Syria that many predicted would have made the terrible conflict even worse. Once again, we need to stop an escalation of that dreadful war and instead use this tragedy as an impetus for a negotiated settlement.


Thank you Medea: Trump must have flunked history and geography because he exhibits little knowledge or curiosity about anything outside his provincial world and narrow mind. Anyone who really studies modern oil wars of aggression and occupation can easily see that they are pure folly and lead to failed states, civil wars, collapsed societies, blowback, hatred and destroyed cities, farms and infrastructure.

Regional and international diplomacy is urgently needed no matter the costs, to prevent Trump from lighting the fuse to the powder keg of the Middle East.


It's heartwarming to see some rational advice being offered to Pres. Drumpf. Unfortunately, however, the probability of your advice being heeded is ZERO! For several years now I have believed that it was global warming that would doom our species; with Drumpf in office, the likelihood is that our demise, as a species, will come sooner and quicker--because of Drumpf's foolish, reckless actions.


Where is the incentive to end the war? How much profit do you suppose the Wars-For-Profit-R-Us people made off this latest missile strike? Lotta money just to replace the expended missiles, not to mention the money and equipment that we send to the terrorist fighters that we support in opposition to the Syrian government. No profits to be found in peace.


The incentive is this; avoiding all out nuclear war.